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The dumb speak…

Several political parties that are in the UPFA have been posed with a dilemma due to the government’s attempt to bring in three gazettes that would make way for casino gambling in the country. The opposition of political parties and ... Read more

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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This is a casino doting regime – Vijitha Herath

The present regime is a casino enthusiastic government that has put forward three gazettes using play of words to give tax relief for gamblers that destroy the country says the Information Secretary of the JVP Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath. He said ... Read more

Sunday, 20 April 2014


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Video: Ukraine’s troops defecting to pro-Russian anti-government protesters

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Ukraine's acting President Oleksandr Turchynov told the country's parliament Tuesday that an "anti...

2 dead & 300 missing in ferry disaster

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According to foreign media 300 people on board the ferry that sank off South Korea are missing and...

India recognizes a third ‘gender’

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The supreme court of India has issued a landmark verdict creating a third gender category that all...

Gorbachev, the betrayer of USSR, to be prosecuted

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Five members of Russia's parliament, including two from Putin’s ruling United Russia party and two f...

Video:Turmoil in Rome

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Tens of thousands of people took part in protests in Rome against government’s economic reform plans...

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Farmers surround District Secretariat

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The farmers from Huruluwewa who had not received compensations as their cultivations were destroyed due to the distribution of substandard soya bean s...

Shoveling EPF monies

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Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has lost Rs.117 billion by investing money in 58 private enterprises in 2011 states a report issued by the Auditor Gene...

JHU doing ‘hunting with the hounds & running with the fox’ act

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It is reported that JHU has decided to boycott the debate on the three gazettes related to casino that are to be presented to parliament on the 24th a...

Attackers exercised ‘Medamulana jungle law’ – Vijitha Herath

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The Information Secretary of the JVP Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath says the attack on the Parliamentarians at Mattala, carried out disregarding ethic...

Estate workers’ money in Thonda’s kitty

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The Leader of CWE Minister Arumugam Thondaman has been accused of several charges of financial frauds including irregular handling of party’s finances...

Tax for several goods goes up from next month

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It is reported that the government is planning to increase the taxes of several items including that of mobile phones, motor cars and cement and iron ...

Minister & Ministry not capable of comprehending crises in health sector

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The government or the Ministry of Health has no plan to find solutions for the crises that trouble the health sector in the country says the General S...

PM wants a code of conduct for Maha Sangha

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A code of conduct would be presented to parliament to prevent any defamation of the Maha Sangha and to maintain its respect among the people at large ...

BBC correspondent asked to leave

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Media has reported that Charles Haviland the Colombo based BBC correspondent has been asked to leave the country after rejecting an application he had...

Five dead when van fell into Datagamuwa Lake

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Five people have died when the van they were traveling in fell into the Datagamuwa lake in Kataragama today (19th) morning. The group was travelling ...

Sports News

Mahela says it in writing

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Mahela Jayawardena has tendered his resignation from Twenty20 cricket to the Sri Lanka Cricket. The CEO Sri Lanka Cricket Ashley de Silva has told me...

Ranatunga made the scapegoat

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Thousands of cricket fans have expressed their opposition to Nishantha Ranatunga remaining as the secretary of Sri Lanka Cricket after both Kumar Sang...

Were Sanga & Mahela framed?

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Sri Lanka's World T20 champions returned to the island today (8th) and were taken on a parade from the Katunayake Airport to Colombo. Before they co...

World T-20 champions come home today

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Sri Lanka's World T20 champions are returning to teh island today (8th) and will have an open-top parade from the Katunayake Airport to Colombo stat...

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The racketeer & the politician

According to latest news circulating in the country ten kilograms of heroin has been seized from Hikkaduwa area. The police say it is the largest haul of heroin seized from the South. It is as if a competition is being held just like competitions for ‘Super Star’, ‘Reality Star’ or ‘Mega Star’ to find a ‘Heroin Star’. Heroin is found not in ounces or grams but in kilos. The biggest haul of heroin seized in Asia was seized in Sri Lanka in August. It was a haul of 261 kilograms. The haul of heroin hidden in a consignment of tins of grease could be valued at Rs.15000 million revealed Customs. The controversial incident that came to light with this incident is the letter sent by a coordinating secretary of the Prime Minister to get the container containing heroin released from Customs. The letter forwarded on behalf of the Prime Minister had ...