Prof. Lalitha Mendis resigns due to threats from Govt. ministers


Prof. Lalitha Mendis, President of the Sri Lanka Medical Council, has sent her letter of resignation to the Ministry of Health due to the pressure from Ministers including Minister of Higher Education S.B. Dissanayake. They had demanded the Medical Council to register those who had obtained medical certificates for money from foreign private hospitals and have not completed qualifications. The Ministry has accepted her resignation with effect from January next year.


Meanwhile, the Registrar of the Medical Council too had been threatened by thugs for opposing the Malabe medical school. Also, the personal file of Dr. Anurudha Padeniya, the President of Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) that opposed the private medical school was lifted by government’s official thug force to be taken to Bribery Commission.  


As a result of threats from official and unofficial thug forces Prof. Lalitha Mendis had to resign from her post as the President of the Sri Lanka Medical Council. Those who had obtained medical certificates from foreign universities but have not completed the requirement to practice medicine in this country and those who support the private medical school at Malabe carried out a campaign against those professionals and doctors who were against establishing private medical schools.

Such official and unofficial measures are a warning that anyone who is not prepared to give in to arbitrariness of the government will have to leave state service.



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