Is it the ‘miracle’ proud father promised?

Sanduni Shanika a 12 year old student from Wawatenna at Walapane who could not afford to buy shoes and socks and pay school fees required for the new school she got according to government’s ‘secondary schools programme, has committed suicide.

The girl had lived with her mother and sister amidst hardships they had to undergo after her father died. Meanwhile, the grade 6 to nine classes in Mahena Wawatenna Vidyalaya where she was studying were shifted to Vidya Pradeepa Vidyalaya at Udamadara in Walapane under the government’s new scheme. Sanduni Shanika who was promoted to grade 7 had to go to the new school. She had not been happy to go to the new school. She had cried in front of the teachers in her old school and one day she had come to the school and sat alone in a class despite the grade 7 class had been shifted to the other school.

However, her mother had admitted her to the new school after paying the school fees of Rs.250. She had attended the school a few days and had told her mother that she could not go to school with rubber slippers and had wanted a pair of shoes and socks. She had also told her mother that school authorities had asked her to pay another Rs.500 as school fees.

The mother, who works as a labourer in a pinus estate, had not been able to give money to the daughter and when the girl insisted she had scolded the daughter.

The mother had left for her work while the girl was washing clothes. When the grandmother came in she had seen the girl hanging from the cadjan roof.


+1 #8 2014-01-22 21:59
Our country rich people like to donate money in the public only to become fame ..... selfish bastereds , Poor little girle
0 #7 2014-01-22 04:15
please don't disgrace the "father"! I think what you mean our punnakku Raja who is the FARTER!
0 #6 2014-01-21 21:28
All the Parliamentarian s are bastard heartless chicken will be punished by God very soon
+1 #5 2014-01-21 17:02
The opposition are useless they are working for themselves. if mahinda give them a post or perks they will jump in to his side. They do not understand the real pain of the ordinary people like we do. What kind of heart and brain they have being selfish.
On yesterday’s news Mr Sarathfonseka mentioned that a minister in the mahinda's party had hired vehicle when he was working in Dubai or some middles ‘east Country now he got 3 plane where the hell he got he money. Can you guess who would be it, I thing Sachin Vass. People are cursing to this bastard regime. May god bless Sri Lanka
+1 #4 2014-01-21 17:01
The ordinary people are suffering and killing themselves. While I am writing this I am almost in tears it is really a pain, even I don’t know how the child's mother will take this. The minister's sons and mps children are enjoying with public money having luxuries cars specially Mahindas's kids. I do not really understand why the opposition still waiting. we need an uprising like middles east or Thailand or now in Chechnya. The more people wait the more they going are to suffer.
+1 #3 2014-01-21 16:59
This not the 1st case there are thousands of people are going through the same hardship. I will directly blame the corrupted government. The president going abroad almost every week as if he is going to his relation's house on whose money. What purpose it there any productive by signing bilateral relationship-bull shit. They are to stay in a 5* hotel and drink and eating free food.
+2 #2 2014-01-21 04:36
Her death will come back and haunt the regime in the near future.
+9 #1 2014-01-20 10:52
This is the true reality of this country.
Thousands and thousands face the same hard ships but according to the top people we are the wonder of Asia. I don't think they understand the word "Wonder' but keep saying. What a shame for such a young angel to take her life at this age. Over to you big mouth ministers and rulers.

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