Is it the ‘miracle’ proud father promised?

Sanduni Shanika a 12 year old student from Wawatenna at Walapane who could not afford to buy shoes and socks and pay school fees required for the new school she got according to government’s ‘secondary schools programme, has committed suicide.

The girl had lived with her mother and sister amidst hardships they had to undergo after her father died. Meanwhile, the grade 6 to nine classes in Mahena Wawatenna Vidyalaya where she was studying were shifted to Vidya Pradeepa Vidyalaya at Udamadara in Walapane under the government’s new scheme. Sanduni Shanika who was promoted to grade 7 had to go to the new school. She had not been happy to go to the new school. She had cried in front of the teachers in her old school and one day she had come to the school and sat alone in a class despite the grade 7 class had been shifted to the other school.

However, her mother had admitted her to the new school after paying the school fees of Rs.250. She had attended the school a few days and had told her mother that she could not go to school with rubber slippers and had wanted a pair of shoes and socks. She had also told her mother that school authorities had asked her to pay another Rs.500 as school fees.

The mother, who works as a labourer in a pinus estate, had not been able to give money to the daughter and when the girl insisted she had scolded the daughter.

The mother had left for her work while the girl was washing clothes. When the grandmother came in she had seen the girl hanging from the cadjan roof.

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