Constitution violated in appointing Manjula Tillekeratne – GL


The Constitution has been violated in appointing the Secretary to the Judiciary Service Commission Manjula tillekertne to that position says the Minister of External Affairs Prof. G.L. Peiris.

Speaking at Battaramulla on the 25th Prof. Peiris has further said Mr. Manjula Tillekeratne has been appointed to the position while there were more qualified officials and making appointments without considering the seniority would create disorder in any institution.

However, political analysts say the government is making various charges against Mr. Manjula Tillekeratne as he does what is right but not what the government wants him to do. They ask whether these ministers and others in the government were not aware that Mr. Manjula Tillekeratne was appointed to the post until the conflict between the government and the judiciary developed. They point out that the government has come down to the low level of embracing anything advantageous to them and carrying out violence if something is disadvantageous to it. They further say defending the henchmen whatever crimes they commit and violently attack those who do not tow the government line has become the policy of this government.





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