Govt. did not win the war – DEW


Senior Minister DEW Guanasekera has made a special statement regarding the end of the war in the North.

The Minister has told the media that armed movements in the North laid down their arms and entered democratic political process due to the 13th amendment to the Constitution. Forgetting this fact by many who call for abolishing the 13th amendment is regrettable he has said.

He has also said that abolishing the 13th amendment would be an invitation to separatism and terrorism and Tamil Diaspora would be the happiest regarding such statements.

Political analysts speaking regarding Minister Gunasekera’s statement ask whether the claim that war in the North has been won could be accepted if what the Minister say is true. They point out that it is the war victory that was being marketed during all past elections and is still being used to carry out various frauds, corruption and irregularities. However, the whole country knows that all those who were against separatism came forward to defeat separatism they point out saying terrorists  did not lay down their arms  with a trust in the 13th amendment.

They say the government is moving rapidly towards devolution of power and to justify their intentions various parties are made to come out with such crooked statements.



0 #12 2012-10-27 08:12
Mustn't there be a reason for such a menacing prolonged war? Why did most of Tamils support LTTE or other Tamil groups who came forward to fight for the justice of Tamils? Why do Tamils and Muslims still not trust the majority Sinhalese? Shouldn't their grievances be addressed? Suppose you are born as a Tamil or a Muslim, do you all still think as you think now? Are you still happy and say that you are treated as same as majority Sinhalese? I think majority of Sinhalese are prepared to treat Tamils and Muslims as their own brothers and give them the same freedom they enjoy. But as usual people who enjoy the power they received from people and who manipulate and use it for their advantage and selfish motives keep these deference between races, religions, classes, professions, etc and use it subtly to ruin the unity among all the people.
+1 #11 2012-10-26 12:19
Critics of Minister Gunasekara do not know that facts. What this gentlemen is saying is absolutely true. I know this because I was one of the peace negotiators lead by then Minister ACS Hameed. Not only was the the LTTE against the 13th amendment, they were also opposed to any decentralized structure that opposed Prabha's reign of terror. My initial endorsement to the then president was that the Gov't had no room for political reconciliation until Prabha's stayed the leader of the LTTE. To us, Anton Balasingham was a very much better person to deal with than an eccentric mad man I saw in Prabha.
+2 #10 2012-10-26 11:07
Terrosists are terrosists. There are many foreign and local organisations who fund them and their activities are justified at different locations. Sri Lanka won the war using their talents and taking huge loans from India and China. Although the war is won the citizens are not educated yet that they need to sacrifice a lot to pay back the loans. If it is not handled carefully Sri Lanka will slip into a disaster
+1 #9 2012-10-26 08:55
By the look of the things happening in the North and East,there will be another war starting soon.The armed forces and the Police are having a free go of every thing including young women.Tamil people have had enought.
0 #8 2012-10-26 06:49
This is a surprising statement by a man who was there right through the war. Terrorists did not lay down arms: they were made to do it at first by the LTTE who got rid of all opposing groups, and eventually the LTTE was disarmed by the security forces. Gunasekera is manufacturing history to suit his agenda.
0 #7 2012-10-26 05:53
May be he has gone senile. Terrorist groups were disarmed by force by LTTE. They did not lay down arms because of the 13th amendment. In fact they were all against it for what they wanted was a separate state. That was one reason they killed Gandhi. Gunasekera is manufacturing history.
+1 #6 2012-10-26 05:17
tamil tiger terrorists
never ever laid down arms ,for anything.
the people,services and country defeated them,
annihilated terrorism,
never let this be forgotten,
or taken too lightly.
Many wanted to leave the country for good,
only tamil terrorists sucessfully negotiated
ASylum[missed lunatic asylum]
and then fooled many,bribed many
and became citizens,via bogus visas,
and asylum,from themselves.
now they are refusing t liberators.
+1 #5 2012-10-25 23:12
"Govt did not win the war "-- but takes ALL the credit for winning the war !!!
What a strange world !!
+6 #4 2012-10-25 19:35
This is very true. Many groups such as PLOTE, TELO & EPRLF laid down arms because of the Indo Lanka Peace Accord. It's only the LTTE who rejected the 13th ammendment. Later Mr. Premadasa armed and finaced the LTTE to destroy the other groups.
-4 #3 2012-10-25 19:22
The GoSl should get rid of this senile old man DEW Guanasekera. He became a Minister by hanging on to the tails of the SLFP. Before that he was a non-entity. Where was he he during the 27 years of LTTE terrorism? If the tamil terror dogs had put down weapons the war would not have been there. The 13th amendment should be buried alongside peope like him.

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