Govt. did not win the war – DEW


Senior Minister DEW Guanasekera has made a special statement regarding the end of the war in the North.

The Minister has told the media that armed movements in the North laid down their arms and entered democratic political process due to the 13th amendment to the Constitution. Forgetting this fact by many who call for abolishing the 13th amendment is regrettable he has said.

He has also said that abolishing the 13th amendment would be an invitation to separatism and terrorism and Tamil Diaspora would be the happiest regarding such statements.

Political analysts speaking regarding Minister Gunasekera’s statement ask whether the claim that war in the North has been won could be accepted if what the Minister say is true. They point out that it is the war victory that was being marketed during all past elections and is still being used to carry out various frauds, corruption and irregularities. However, the whole country knows that all those who were against separatism came forward to defeat separatism they point out saying terrorists  did not lay down their arms  with a trust in the 13th amendment.

They say the government is moving rapidly towards devolution of power and to justify their intentions various parties are made to come out with such crooked statements.


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