Calls from 600,000 telephones to be checked to find Manjula’s attackers – An attempt to mark time say lawyers

When the case regarding the attack on the Secretary to the Judiciary Service Commission Manjula Tillekeratne was called before Mt. Lavinia Chief Magistrate Ms. Nirosha Fernando yesterday (17th) the Court was informed that 600,000 telephone numbers will have to be checked in an effort to trace the suspects involved in the attack.

ASP Dharmadasa Pathirana of Colombo Crimes Division forwarding a report to Court stated a large number of onymous as well as anonymous information has been received by the police but they did not contain any useful information.

The police have informed Court that they would be able to forward important information once the telephone numbers are checked. The police say the telephone numbers are the ones that have been taken covering 4 ½ kilometers Mr. Tillekratane had travelled that day.

The Magistrate ordered the Colombo Crimes Division to arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible and bring them before Court. The case will be heard again on the 31st.

Attorney Sepala Dahanayake and counsels appearing for Mr. Tillekeratne say. “Filtering from a network of 600,000 telephone numbers is an issue. They could take all the time in the world and say investigations take time. We say such a long period is not necessary. The police could intensify their investigations and arrest the perpetrators immediately. We ask the police not to waste time but to arrest the suspects and bring them before Court. The masses are waiting for justice to be done.”



0 #4 2012-10-19 03:04
There is a pattern how this govt uses thugs from julampitiye amare to the protection Kudu Duminda got to the story of Kumar Mahathaya saved by the Australian embassy, to the murder of the university students to look like a accident despite the fact they were beaten to death and numerous inconsistant situations that makes the police a bunch of incompetent idiots.I hope the UN takes a good look at these violations of fundamental rights when the periodic review comes up.
0 #3 2012-10-19 00:10
When the police takes ages to find even one lead, the whole country knows who was behind it; no further investigations are needed
0 #2 2012-10-18 22:16
The prime suspect in Manjula's attack is hiding at the Temple Palace, while his goons are running amok to mark time.
+1 #1 2012-10-18 21:35
Please keep that coffin seen in the picture foe Mervin Master Goyya.

Cheap Chief Justin

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