India promises ‘early warning system’ if nuclear power plant goes out of control

At the talks held regarding ‘nuclear cooperation’ between India and Sri Lanka,  India has offered an ‘early warning system’ as part of safety measures in the event of a leak at the Kudankulam nuclear plant. The talks were held after local environmentalists raised concerns over India's Kundankulam nuclear plant, which is being constructed in southern India.

The Indian High Commission has said that Sri Lanka and India have agreed to work on a comprehensive agreement on nuclear cooperation, said here on Monday .The first round of talks between India and Sri Lanka on comprehensive civil nuclear cooperation was held in New Delhi.

During the meeting it was agreed that the two sides would work towards a comprehensive agreement on bilateral civil nuclear cooperation. Discussions included, inter alia, training of officials, nuclear safety and response to nuclear accidents.

According to Indian delegates the "Discussions were held in a warm, friendly and cordial manner. Both sides exchanged views on all aspects of civil nuclear cooperation and reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes to mutual benefit of the people of the two countries."

Meanwhile, Russia says the cost of the next phase of the Kudankulam atomic project would escalate if it has to bear additional liabilities arising from a possible nuclear accident. "If there are several points that require additional assurances, of course, it will require additional money to be paid by India," Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin visiting India had told reporters.  Russia wants the Indian civil nuclear liability law should not apply to Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plan.

There have been intense protests in India against the power plant and several demonstrators  have been killed by police.

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