JVP Member halts PS sessions

Yesterday’s (11th) sessions of the Kalutara Pradeshiya Sabha had to be stopped due to an objection raised by its JVP Member Nandana Padmakumara.

The Bribery Commission had informed the Chief Minister in writing on 3rd August to take appropriate action according to provincial councils act regarding the Chairman of Kalutara Pradeshiya Sabha Lakshman Vidana Pathirana who had been caught on 27th July by the Commission while accepting a bribe of Rs.300,000. However, the Chief Minister had not taken any action regarding this.  The JVP Member Nandana Padmakumara had walked out protesting against the inaction of the chief minister. As he left the sessions 5 Members of the UPFA, 7 Members of the UNP and an independent Member too had walked out to join him. As there was no quorum the sessions had to be abandoned.

Speaking to ‘Lankatruth’ Mr. Nandana Padmakumara said, “The Chairman was caught red handed accepting a bribe. The Bribery Commission has sent a letter to the Chief Minister for Western Provincial Council Prasanna Ranatunga regarding this. Now action should be taken according to the provincial councils act. However, nothing has been done. Hence, we would continue our opposition demanding that action should be taken to remove the former chairman from the post. They cannot hold sessions of the Pradeshiya Sabha without us. Majority in the PS have taken the stand to oppose the chairman who accepted a bribe.”

The case against Mr. Lakshman Vidana Pathiran for accepting a bribe is being heard in Colombo Fort Magistrates Court.

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