Teachers & principals to launch continues agitations for 6% of GDP for education and other demands


It is reported that 15 trade unions of teachers and principals of schools have decided to launch a continuous agitation movement from the 24th demanding solutions for their issues. This has been stated at a press conference held in Colombo yesterday (11th) by a joint committee of Teachers and Principals.

Among their demands are implementing the cabinet approved interim salary proposals for principals, implementing the promotion scheme for teachers and principals, payment of salary arrears, allocations for disaster and property loans, allocating 6% of GDP for education, formalizing teacher transfers and halt to politicizing of the education sector.

University teachers organized by the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA) carried out a continuous strike basing on several demands including allocation of 6% of GDP for education.

Despite the strike was temporarily ended yesterday, university teachers shave vowed that they would continue to struggle to get 6% of GDP for education. As such, with the moves that would be taken by teachers and principals of schools a situation would be created to take the struggle towards victory and authorities will have to find solutions for the issues say intellectuals.


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