Body with severed limbs found burning

A body of a youth killed mysteriously and severed of limbs was found burning at Soysapura area in Ragama yesterday (9th) morning.

There is no information regarding the youth and the police say they cannot determine whether the body is of a male or a female without forensic reports.

The body was burning at a corner of the Soysapura housing scheme at Ragama. A resident had told the police that she heard a vehicle moving from the site at about 5.30 a.m. and then a fire broke out. When Ragama Police was informed they arrived and found the burning body.

There had been heavy rain in Ragama area on 8th night and it is believed that the body had been brought to the site before the rains. A box of matches, several match sticks  and pieces of clothing had been found near the burnt body.

Ragama Police state the person may have been murdered elsewhere; its limbs were severed and brought to the site.

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