Vidyaloka reopens

Viddyaloka Viyalaya in Galle that had to be closed down due to a tense situation that erupted when the principal of the school was transferred and another came to assume duties was reopened today (8th).

The school was temporarily closed down on last Monday when students and parents acted aggressively when a new principal came to assume duties.

The police had to be deployed to bring the situation under control. The new principal and students were injured in the clash.


0 #3 2012-10-08 17:45
You are quite right Chitra.
I live in the USA .
I too feel the same . Please remove that ugly cartoon as soon as possible , Mr Editor . Thank you
0 #2 2012-10-08 14:45
Hi Pls remove this cartoon
+2 #1 2012-10-08 12:18
Please remove that cartoon on the left.To see it first thing in the morning make me sick.LANKATRUTH IS A RESPECTABLE WEBSITE.
Why have you come down to that low level by publishing low grade cartoons.I live in England and have lived over here for over 43yrs to see something like that every morning makes me feel sick.I was thinking they might change it tomorrow and so on but so far it hasn't happened.I didn't know whom to write to so I put the complaint here.It gives a bad image on Srilanka.

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