Capitalist economic system has failed to provide basic needs and aspirations of the people – ‘Colombo Declaration of WFTU

The meeting of Asia  Pacific Regional affiliates and friendly organizations of World Federation of Trade Unions held in Colombo from 6 to 7th in its ‘Colombo Declaration’ states the Capitalist economic system has failed to provide basic needs and aspirations of the people particularly the toiling masses, to generate employment, to executive labour laws in true spirit to provide decent work, livelihood, social security, need based minimum wages etc to the working people, to enforce the core conventions particularly conventions 87 and 98 adopted by ILO, to stop discrimination of women workers and children, to prevent inhuman treatment and barbaric attack on civil rights of migrant workers by extending them provisions of UNO charter.

It also states ‘the uncontrolled  inflow of finance capital by the MNC s TNC s and the corporate driven Govt. policies in the region directed by Bretton wood institutions (WTO, IMF, World Bank, etc.) had created more space for workers exploitations through privatization of services, outsourcing, contracting, sub contracting etc. with the sole motive of hire and fire and  to promote their profit wealth generation disallowing any obstructers like unionism, agitation, collective bargaining, strike action.”

It observes that the imperialistic forces not only extracting out national revenues and resources  but also invading the cultural heritage by using various instruments like religions extremism, regional conflicts, vulgar advertisements, infringing educational polices.

It emphasizes that the judicial system also on many occasions being influenced by vested interests resulting anti-workers judgments and disrupting democratic movement rights provided under various labour legislations.

The meeting resolved to unite the working class under WFTU affiliates and friendly organizations in Asia Pacific Region to intensify the struggle to achieve the following demands:

I) Employment for all aiming towards eradication of poverty, with need based salary and wages with full social security.

II) Implementation of ILO convention No. 87 and 98.(Right to Organize and Right to collective bargaining)

III) Stop privatization and dismantling of Public sector/public services.

IV) Stop sub contracting and out sourcing.

V) Protect sovereign rights of nations as against imperialistic hegemony/ market driven policy under WTO , WB, IMF dictates.

VI) Ensure women empowerment through various progressive policies and extend maternity benefits to all working women. Provide equal wage for equal work without gender basis.

VII) Ensure working rights and social security for all migrant workers, as per UN charter.

VIII) Introduce comprehensive law for social protection to protect the rights of informal workers including agricultural workers.

IX) Stop degradation of environment in the name of development and protect natural resources for the benefit of mankind.

X) Ensure occupational safety, health, environmental protections the workers and community.

XI) Stop job cuts, closures, layoffs and part time employments or such unforeseen circumstances.

XII) Fight against communalism, religious fundamentalism and their pernicious methods that divide the working class.  In order to realize these common demands, it is decided to observe the following days to strengthen unity amongst working class to achieve the  above goals.

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