Attack on Secretary of JSC is a shameless act of govt. – JVP

The attack on the secretary to the Judiciary Service commission is an exposition of the shamelessness of the government and the masses should come forward against such arbitrary acts of the government states a media announcement issued by the Political Bureau of the JVP.

The announcement of the JVP states, “Mr. Manjula Tillekeratne, the secretary to the Judiciary Service Commission has been admitted to an emergency ward of the Colombo National Hospital as a result of a thug attack carried out on Hotel Road at Mr. Lavinia today (7th) morning. Mr. Manjula Tillekeratne, a former District Judge, as the Secretary of the Judiciary Service Commission represented independence of the judiciary. In a media announcement issued on the 26th of last month under his name and that created an uproar he revealed to the country serious interference to the judiciary sector. We emphasize that the attack on Mr. Manjula Tillekeratne is not an isolated incident and we condemn the savage attack with detest.

Despite it has been stated that the attack had been carried out by an unknown group, it is no secret to the people who the perpetrators are. The ordinary people did not have any adverse matters to deal with the Judiciary service Commission or its Secretary. Even the thugs who attacked him would not have had any personal animosity against him.  As the attack is a logical step of the plans that developed after the issue of the media statement, the government cannot evade from the responsibility of the sordid act.

As it should be, it is the creators of the interferences who became most restive when the threat to independence of judiciary was revealed to the country. The media had reported that discussions were held at secret meetings of persons at the highest to the lowest level in the government regarding actions that could be taken. Mr. Tillekeratne too had stated that there was a threat to his life, he had asked for protection and had changed his residence as a precaution. However, the incident indicates that thugs that have government protection have been already got the ‘necessary’ orders.

This is similar to threats and thug attacks that had been carried out against journalists, doctors, judges and state officials, a signal to relevant people to be silent. It is the Rajapaksa government that does not allow the judiciary to carry out its functions independently. We vehemently condemn the attempt of the government to silence those who stand up against the interventions and call upon Sri Lankan masses to come forward against the arbitrary moves of the government.”


0 #2 2012-10-09 17:13
It appears that the state is the first enemy at large to the law abiding citizens.
Even the public figure Mr M Thillakaratne is not excemption just imagine of a normal person, how about a displaced Tamil civilian who were shifted from Menic Farm??

Something got to be done sooner rather than later.
0 #1 2012-10-08 02:10
The orders to attack came from the master thug, Idi Mahin.

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