Two discussions on FUTA strike

It is reported that two discussions are scheduled to be held regarding the continuous strike launched by the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA).

A discussion will be held between FUTA and the Minister of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksa tomorrow (6th) while the other will be held on the 8th between FUTA and Minister Basil Rajapaksa and the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance Dr. P.B. Jayasundara.


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I wholeheartedly welcome this development and extend my congratulations to FUTA and the GOSL for having taken this important step forward. I strongly suggest that both FUTA and the GOSL make use of all human resources at their disposal to ensure that at least standard operating procedures used in initiating and sustaining negotiating processes are adopted and that a firm basis for negotiations and a clear roadmap and flexible time frame are worked out without delay. I expect that all future statements on negotiations will be made jointly by GOSL and FUTA as an indication of their intentions to foster growing faith and goodwill towards each other upon which to build their future relationship.

I extend my best wishes to FUTA and the GOSL as they prepare to jointly work on the issues that will to a large extent determine the future of Sri Lanka and the quality of life it is able to offer its citizens. May your efforts be rewarded with success.

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