Police report on Deputy Minister to IGP & Speaker


The traffic Police at Galanigama Interchange for Southern Highway is preparing a report to be sent to the IGP and the Speaker on the attempt by the Deputy Minister of Disaster Management Duleep Wijesekera to give a bribe to police officers and obstructing their duties say reports.

When police offices at Galanigama Interchange asked Deputy Minister’s driver for his  driving license to impose a spot fine for driving the vehicle at a speed of 169 kmph, the Deputy Minister had asked the driver not to hand over the license and had thrown Rs.1500 towards the police officers.

However, police spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana has told the media that the Deputy Minister had not committed any crime but legal action would be taken against the driver.



0 #8 2012-10-06 12:17
The Police Spokesman should now be interdicted forthwith for trying to cover up a crime committed by a politician. The Police Spokesman is not worth his salt and is a disgrace to the Police Department.
+2 #7 2012-10-06 05:12
Police officer was trying to give him self a bribe and more over he was not suppose to be on duty Galanigama Interchange he should be stood down immediately and reprimanded or dismiss from the Police force.
+2 #6 2012-10-06 04:59
Has the country gone so low even when a police officer asking driver's license given Rs.1,500.00 by a deputy minister. Is the parliament also run on this basis.
+2 #5 2012-10-05 23:12
This is a very welcome development. For the first time I am seeing police 'guts' to do the correct thing irrespective of who does the crime. At the same time, it is utter disgraceful for the police spokesman to bow down in all fours to say disgraceful laughable things and this sort of person should be discilplined if the are to maintain some credibility of the police !!
+2 #4 2012-10-05 18:14
Police should indict against this Deputy minster for obstructing Police duties and offering bribes.
0 #3 2012-10-05 16:35
Don't worry. The white van can resolve the issue with the driver concerned after all the driver is just another human being like many others the white van has responded to in managing issues.
0 #2 2012-10-05 15:54
It is time for Ali Baba (a.k.a. Idi Mahin) and ALL his thieves to be hung by their necks for ALL their crimes.!!
+3 #1 2012-10-05 10:44
How absurd to say the Dy Minisiter did not commit a crime; offering and soliciting a bribe are both criminal offences, Pl dont hoodwink! - the Police spokes person!

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