Army seizes Muslim burial ground

It is reported that the Army has taken over the burial ground of Islamic devotees at Kottagala area in Potuvil.

Making a statement to the media the Chairman of Potuvil Pradeshiya Sabha says the land where Islamic devotees bury their dead at Kottagala has been taken over by the Army and discussions are being held with senior officers.

Col. Keerthi Gunasena speaking to the media regarding the taking over of the land says lands that are parallel to the coast have been taken over.

The Divisional Secretary has said he inspected the relevant land on 7th September and he observed that certain areas had been taken over without informing him.


0 #1 2012-10-04 11:10
What an Big Issue. How many more have taken over for developments?? Is this because it's Muslim Burial Grounds?? Muslims always Cry Loud when someone Gets Closer to them but they are Very Brave in Killing Priests and Destroying Temples in Countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia etc..

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