Unqualified given appointments as school principals


Among more than 3000 persons who were given principals posts by the President on the 2nd are several who are not suitable for the position say reports.

Teachers’ trade unions reveal that they were acting principals who were suddenly called to the Ministry of Education, interviews were held then and there and appointments were given.

The principals who had been appointed to the position in a formal manner say giving appointments to unsuitable individuals who had been acting is an injustice to those who had qualifications for the position.

Interestingly, among the persons who were appointed as principals by the President are those who had failed a competitive examination held in 2006 and even an interview held with special concessions.

The sources in the Ministry reveal that several who were appointed as principals on the 2nd had not sat for any competitive examination. However, all these appointments have been recommended by the Ministry.

Teachers’ trade unions are to take legal action regarding the appointment of unsuitable persons for the positions say reports.



+1 #2 2012-10-04 22:28
This is exactly why I commented in the previous situation regarding the education minister's morbid performance. Party favourites, corruption, etc: where is all this going to end? The Sinhala people are being systematically stipped by their own Sinhala fellows, with one interest - bleeding the land. This is in many ways a type of genocide.
0 #1 2012-10-04 16:07
Unqualified, uncultured Head of State, unqualified pilot/s, unqualified teachers etc. etc. LoL!!!!?????. The way to go!

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