A win for Berty


The inaugural meeting of the North – Central Provincial Council was held yesterday (2nd) and the vote to elect the new chairman took place.

The UNP Councilor Anil Ratnayake proposed the name of UPFA Councilor T.M.R. Siripala for the post while it was seconded by the UNP Councilor D.M. Amaratunga.

The Minister of Education of the North – Central PC Peshala Jayaratne proposed the name of UPFA Councilor Amarakeerthi Athukorale while it was seconded by Minister of the PC H.B. Semasinghe.

Councilor Siripala had who had received 21 votes was elected the chairman while Councilor Athukorala received only 11 votes.

According to internal sources of the PC this is a victory for former chief minister of North – Central PC Berty Premalal Dissanayake as he had been able to get a chairman who supports him elected to the Council. They say the crisis in the North – Central PC would worsen as Mr. Berty Premalal Dissanayke is getting the support of the UNP group in the PC.


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