‘The resettlement’ is a lie


The displaced masses that were at Manik Farm were taken to Seeniyamottai at Mullaithivu for resettlement while 110 families were abandoned in a jungle in Keyapilav area in Mullaithivu say reports. The government had stated once this group of people were resettled the resettlement process would be over.

However, the masses who were taken to be resettled have stated that their valuable lands have been taken over by the Army and they have been abandoned in a jungle area. What the authorities have done is to release them to a jungle area that has been cleared with bulldozers. A woman who had been released to the area had said she had received a ‘token’ and tokens for plots of lands are given according to the extent the jungle is cleared. The people abandoned in the area complain that they don’t have even minimum facilities and pointed out there is not even water to drink in the area.

When journalists inquired regarding this from the Mullaithivu District Secretary he had stated he could not say anything as it would be recorded. He had, however, said 10 water tanks had been sent to the area and temporary toilets would be constructed soon.

The Mullaithivu District Secretary has admitted to the journalists that nothing had been prepared before the people were taken to the area for resettlement.

However, the President had stated that resettlement process had been successfully completed and completing it in such a short time was a reason to be happy.



0 #3 2012-09-29 20:56
god create some one like mahinda bros,as.then only bad people are like them in world will be punished, like egipt president suffered cancer and died.can wait happy to see them same way haha
+1 #2 2012-09-28 07:08
This government has done so much bad for the tamil people and still doing. This people has gone through hell several times. But what the Rajapakshes forget is their karma "Dehio ballane". Tney cannot bail them out with all their wealth from God's punishment.
+1 #1 2012-09-27 18:46
The curse of these poor people - whom HE calls as Sri Lankans - will be upon him
and his 300!!

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