Israel is a fake regime that will be eliminated – Ahmadinejad

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Israel a nuclear-armed "fake regime" shielded by the United States which prompted Israel to walkout of a high-level UN meeting.

The Iranian president also accused the US and others of misusing freedom of speech and failing to speak out against the defamation of people's beliefs.

The Iranian leader, who has called for Israel's destruction, used his speech to denounce Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory and US vetoes in the UN Security Council to back its ally. He urged all nations to "hold occupiers accountable and make efforts to return the occupied territories to their rightful owners."

He blamed the "discriminatory" veto power of the US, China, Russia, Britain and France for the Security Council's failure to ensure peace in the world, and he called for a change in the rules "in favor of nations with due regard to justice."

As Ahmadinejad addressed leaders and ministers from more than 100 countries, Israel's UN Ambassador Ron Prosor walked out of the General Assembly hall.


-3 #2 2012-09-29 20:41
This is a pathetic, physchotic man, suffering from personality disorder. In my many conversations with Iranians who love their country and working quitely to advance progress amongst the marginalized people,hardly anyone takes this confused lunatic seriously. Iranian heirachy is waiting patiently to get rid of him. He has disgraced most all the highly intelligent Iranians and made another laughing stock of himself at the UN.Sri Lanka needs to distant themselves from him, unless our President too has lost his mind!!
+1 #1 2012-09-29 15:58
Once... Saddam couldn't understand, Then Ghaddafi Couldn't, Osama was a Wild bee who drank the Poison Honey.. So many examples This kind of Stampeding is because they overestimate themselves, As I personally know these people do not respect the ones who are of other religions and in their books they are classed as Animal (Kfir as Some Arabs call). So will these bunch of religious retards can rule the World Peacefully one day. At Least America does it by force today..

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