Sanjeewa Bandara arrested


The convener of the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) Sanjeewa Bandara has been taken into custody at Colombo Town Hall several moments ago by a group of police officers in civics say reports.

According to IUSF Mr. Bandara has been taken into custody by a group of police officers in civilian clothes while he was going to Sri Jayawardenepura University after attending an agitation that had been organized opposite Fort Railway Station today (19th).

The Police spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said Mr. Bandara was taken into custody by Colombo Crimes Division.



0 #3 2013-07-08 13:50
This man IUSF commit an unpardonable sin by forcing innocent students to join their cruel agitation campaign. They should gather only the willing and leave the rest alone. imprisonment is what suit such thugs who spoil the career of innocents
0 #2 2012-09-20 01:00
Presidential candidate SF was arrested. Now IUSF president is arrested. Right to protest is robbed by the masses.
+2 #1 2012-09-19 19:02
Will it be the begining of an unrest in the country , along with FUTA & the Trade Unions who would come out on Strike and also call for a General Strike

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