I regret the decision – Hakeem

He regrets the decision taken to support the government to form the Eastern Provincial Council says the Leader of the SLMC Rauff Hakeem.

He has said this talking to the media yesterday (18th) after the decision had been already taken.

Speaking further Mr. Hakeem has said, “After several days of discussions we decided today to alliance with the UPFA to form the Eastern Provincial Council. The TNA had already invited us. They had long discussions with us. However, we regret that we had to take this decision. Today we came to an agreement to amicably share the post of chief minister. Also, it has been agreed to give us two ministerial portfolios.”

Despite Mr. Hakeem stating he regretted having had to support the government, from the day the elections to the provincial councils were held, he had taken the stand that SLMC should support the government.

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