What happened to ‘Museum thief’? – Handunneththi asks

Sri Lanka Police displayed a photograph of a person claiming that he was the thief who robbed artifacts from the National Museum but what has happened to this thief asks JVP Colombo District Parliamentarian Sunil Handunneththi from authorities.

Speaking at a meeting held at Maharagama yesterday (12th) Mr. Handunneththi said, “Several were arrested stating they had broken into the Museum. It was also revealed that a very small number of artifacts that were said to have been stolen were found. Now we want to know what happened to that investigation. Has it been completed?  Are the arrested the only perpetrators? Were all perpetrators arrested? Then what happened to the artifacts that were not recovered? How many swords are missing? Have investigations regarding the rest of the artifacts completed? The government should make a statement regarding these to the country.

The police displayed a photograph stating it was that of the person who broke into the Museum to rob artifacts. Where is that person? It is very clear that this deception is a bigger crime than robbing the museum. The truth has been concealed and a group of fictitious persons has been presented,” said Mr. Handunneththi.

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