Pakistan expels ‘Save the Children’

The Pakistani government has ordered foreign staff members of Save the Children to leave the country, a spokesman for the international aid group said.

The group has come under Pakistani government scrutiny because of reports that it helped arrange meetings between the US and a doctor who allegedly helped hunt down Osama bin Laden, a charge which the group has vehemently denied. The aid group had been under suspicion ever since the doctor accused of assisting the CIA in its search for the al-Qaeda leader claimed that Save the Children had introduced him to US intelligence officers.

The expulsion order comes among heightened suspicion of foreigners in Pakistan in the aftermath of the al-Qaida leader's killing.

The Pakistani Ministry of Interior informed ‘Save the Children’ that its six foreign staffers would have to leave the country within two weeks.

Save the Children has about 2,000 Pakistani employees across the country, who will continue to work.

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