We’ll never be cowed down – Dr. Nirmal Devasiri


The struggle carried out on behalf of the education in the country would never be given up but would be triumphantly concluded says the President of the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA) Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri. He said they would never be cowed down by various forces.

Speaking at a media conference held in Public Library yesterday (7th) Dr. Nirmal Devasiri emphasized that they would not turn back without winning their rights and they would never give up the strike that has been launched without any acceptable agreement.

He said the government may be considering that solving their issues now would be a slur on its pride as there are individuals in the government who cannot bear to see even a fly circle over their heads. He said the individuals in the government may have come to an assumption that university teachers would not continue the strike without getting their salaries. However, they launched the strike only after comprehending all these issues said Dr. Nirmal Devasiri.



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Keep your struggle till your rightfull demands are met. The intelligent people are behind you.The Moronic Higher education Minister is an absolute disgarce this Man suffers from a terrible inferiority complex like his uneducated bosses. Dont give in to their maschinations. Justice will triumph at the end.The Students are behind you.

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