Another massive threat to the country

It is reported that there is an attempt to remove Sri Lanka Customs from Galle, Hambanthota, Trincomalee and KKS ports.

According to internal sources of SL Customs plans have already been made very secretly by the present Chairman of Ports Authority Dr. Bandupriya to make the aforesaid ports free ports and to remove Customs from them.

The sources say if SL Customs that implement Customs Ordinance as well as regulate nearly 60 acts relevant to poison, drugs, flora and fauna and also supervise Unloading, warehousing and entry of imported goods, Prohibited or restricted goods and carry out seizures, prosecutions and act against smuggling is removed from these ports there would be opportunity for racketeers to import restricted goods and export goods that have been banned from being taken away from the country. This would pose a massive threat to the country they point out.


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God bless the country

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