Severe battle between Hakeem – Athaulla on Akkaraipattu votes

It is reported two Cabinet Minsiters of the Government, Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem and Local Government Minister A L M Athaulla are engaged in a severe battle targeting Eastern Province election in Akkaraipattu, Ampara District.

Sources indicate Minister Athaulla has forbidden Akkaraipattu area for Minister Hakeem and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress supporters.

The religious leaders in the District advice that the two Ministers and the former Municipal Member Mr Asad Ali should put to an end to the speeches made on race and religion which may again lead to the worst situation that prevailed for 30 years.

The religious leaders say that the President and the Government ignore these statements by the Ministers.


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Both of them have cheated on voters of their own. Need some reform that gives the voters some hope for future.

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