UPFA member for Warakapola PS arrested

The UPFA Member for Warakapola Pradeshiya Sabha H.C. Dhanushka and two others have been arrested on charges of abusing a woman in Dedigama area.

The Member of the PS and the other two individuals had broken into a house and had attempted to abuse the women.  The two women had struggled with the perpetrators and one woman, an old mother, had fallen during the struggle and injured her hand. The councilor and others had left then.

When the injured mother was taken to the hospital the perpetrators had been waiting on the way and had obstructed. The two women had come back home and had informed 119.  A mobile petrol vehicle of the Dedigama Police had arrived at the residence and had instructed the women to make a complaint to the police. However, the perpetrators had tried to stop the women going to the police station. Later police officers had come to the residence of the women and after taking down their complaint the old mother had been taken to the hospital. The perpetrators had abused the police while the women were being taken to the hospital. The old mother is undergoing treatment at Dedigama Hospital.

One of the women is 65 years old and the other is 35. The police say they received another complaint against the UPFA councilor on the same day.  An owner of a three wheeler had complained that the councilor had threatened him and had not allowed the three wheeler to be driven on the road.


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