Another cricket official enrolled for US$100,000

A foreign consultant has been employed by Sri Lanka Cricket with an agreement to pay him a monthly remuneration of US$100,000 (Rs. 13 million).

SLC that is already in debt to the tune of US$70 million (Rs.9100 million) enrolled Haroon Lorgat who stepped down as the ICC CEO in June 2012. Lorgat, a Chartered Accountant, is of Indian descent, his family originating from a small village in north western India called Manekpore.

Despite SLC stating they were looking for means to get over the financial crisis, according to analysts Logart has joined SLC to mark time until he reports for his duties at Cricket South Africa in January, 2013 and nothing much could be expected from him.

SLC did not receive much income despite spending much on political decisions to construct new cricket grounds at Pallekalle and Sooriyawewa and modernized R. Premadsa Stadium.

SLC, that spent colossal amounts to maintain officials, was also confronted with a crisis of not being able to pay the salaries of players.


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