More agitations against A/L results

More than 1500 students who had sat the A/L examination last year engaged in an agitation opposite the UGC today.

The students demanded that the ‘Z’ score issue should be solved justifiably.

There was a massive traffic jam in eh area due to the protest. The students had a discussion with UGC authorities.


0 #1 2012-08-03 07:55
SB(Sukara Banda)and his gang at the ministry including UGC have put both Z scores in a single merit list to create this grave injustice to one group of students that they did not concern but happened to be A/L repeaters. In the judgement,Supre me court did not order to put both Z scores in a single merit list because it considered that old syllabus exam and new syllabus exam are entirely different and calculating a common Z score by any means was wrong. Therefore, SC has annulled previous Z score and ordered UGC to calculate Z scores separately for both group of students but nothing was mentioned about the way of ranking. Having found out this loophole SB & gang ordered to enter both group of z scores to the system to create unimaginably distorted results that are unacceptable even to kindergarten students. This highhanded dirty work is done to disgrace the judiciary and the petitioners.

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