“Live in tents; eat only one meal a day but drive along the carpeted roads” This is what govt. tells masses – Bimal


The government that tells the masses to “Live in tents; eat only one meal a day but drive along the carpeted roads” is widening its political power project in a manner that leads to suspicion among Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities says Member of the Central committee of the JVP Bimal Rathnayake.

Speaking at a media conference held in Colombo today (20th) Mr. Rathnayake, the National Organizer of Socialist Youth Union, said several special programmes to create unity among Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities would be launched on July 23rd – the ‘Day of Camaraderie.’

He said ‘a train tour of friendship’ from Anurdhapura to Vavuniya would be undertaken on the 23rd and an awareness programme will be held in Killinochchi on the 24th. He said there will be several other programme to develop unity and comradeship among communities to make use of the day of ‘Black July’ meaningfully and with a national interest.

Speaking further Mr. Rathnayake said, “There have been communal disturbances at various periods of our history. However, ‘Black July’ in ’83 brought about a decisive change in the country. The society was adversely divided. It became the primary cause of dragging the country towards a horrendous war. 23rd July was the day incidents of ‘Black July’ commenced. The Socialist Youth Union (SYU) decided to use this day as a day to build national unity by amassing Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and Malays. In 2008 this day was declared the ‘Day of Camaraderie.’

Three years have passed since the end of the war. The message given by Rajapaksa regime is to drag the country again towards communalism. Despite using names such as ‘Northern Spring’ and ‘Eastern Dawn’ what the government really tells the people is to “Live in tents; eat only one meal a day but drive along the carpeted roads.” The government also extends its power project in a manner that promotes suspicion among different communities.

There is a just demand that legal process should be expedited against LTTE suspects arrested during the war. There is no right to detain them continuously. No legal action is taken against them may be because there are no charges against them. SYU has demanded the government to take immediate measures to take legal action against those who have charges against them and release others.  However, these Tamil youths are being detained while LTTE leaders who have towed the government line have been endowed with various luxuries.

We have serious criticism against the LTTE. However, Tamil youths rallied around it as they were affected by various issues including unemployment. The policy of giving employment only to political stooges of the government in the South has been carried out in the North as well. This type of vile acts causes resentment. These youths were used for communalism in the past. Now the government is acting in a manner that pushes them to communalism again.

People resettled and others are constantly questioned deploying Terrorist Investigation Unit. Those who were known as LTTE suspects are pursued registered and finger prints taken. This type of registration is being carried out in Vavuniya, Mannar and Killinochchi districts. This type of behavior would push these youths again towards communalism.

The government is carrying out large scale plunder of lands in the North after the war. Opportunities have been created for political henchmen and private companies to acquire lands. During the war people in these areas had been given the opportunity to obtain dual citizenship. However, this was withdrawn after the war. This right is being used to plunder lands.

A situation has reached a point where a prisoner in Vavuniya prison has been murdered. It is true that many inmates in this prison had connections with the LTTE. However, their fundamental rights should be observed. As a result of these rights being violated the prisoners carried out an agitation. The government’s anti-people’s acts continue within the prison as well.

The government has announced provincial council elections and is raising communalism in the Eastern Province. The main slogan in the Eastern Province today is to elect a chief minister based on communalism. There were Sinhalese chief ministers in 7 provincial councils. What good did they bring to their provinces? Kahawatta has become like Gaza strip. Most of the raping of women takes place in the North – Central Province. What good the Sinhalese have gained by having a Sinhalese President? We strongly demand the government not to appoint chief ministers on a communal lines and not to carry out their power projects to drag the masses towards communalism.”




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