US soldier kills 16 men women & children in Afghanistan

U.S. Sergeant on SEAL team 'shoots dead nine sleeping Afghan children before burning their bodies' in deadly rampage that killed 16 early yesterday (11th) mornining.

Reports claim there were multiple U.S. soldiers involved, who witnesses said were laughing throughout the massacre and appeared drunk. One Afghan father whose children were killed in the incident accused the soldiers of later burning the bodies.

The soldiers entered a number of homes in two villages in southern Kandahar during the night, killing 16 and wounding nine. The victims included women, elderly men, and children, one of whom was just two years old.

The Army staff sergeant, stationed at a U.S. base in Kandahar, entered three Afghan family’s homes at 3am and began the vicious killing spree. Relatives of the dead said he then 'poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them.'

The shooter is an Army staff sergeant from Fort Lewis-McChord in Washington State.


Militants condemned the 'blood-soaked and inhumane crime' by 'sick-minded American savages' on its website and vowed to take revenge 'for every single martyr with the help of Allah.'


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Wow, how incredibly frustrating is it that an "administrator" must read all comments prior to the comment being able to be viewed. Opinions should be able to be expressed freely.. Just saying. =(
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So here's my opinion (rather it be wanted or not): This is an incredibly devistating event of which innocent young lives were viciously taken (not that this action was the correct correspondent to the unjust war that is currently being fought), but this poor man has portrayed an act of a mental disorder of some sort. Anxiety consist of flashbacks and acts of which may not have any concrete reasoning due to the simple fact of the complexity of the mind's thoughts. This man had suffered a severe brain injury, been deployed several times before, and still forced, beyond his will I may add, to fight a war that he had already well served. In conclusion, this soldier should have been an honored veteran (injured in war) enjoying his normal routine. We have no idea what this man has seen, where he has been, or what he has gone through, so I believe his case should be more considered as a desperate plead of help and be investigated into a deeper state.

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