Cold Colombo will be warmed up soon – Lal Kantha

Chilly Colombo would be warmed up in a few weeks time says the Member of the Political Bureau of the JVP K.D. Lal Kantha at a ceremony held at Maharagama to open a co-ordinating office of the party. Mr. Lal Kantha has been named as the chief ministerial candidate of the JVP for the forthcoming Western Provincial Council election.

Speaking further Mr. Lal kantha said, “Colombo warms up from agitations carried out by those who come from outside. There is no other city that suffers from more issues than Colombo. Some think Colombo is Viharamahadevi Park, Parliament, Kollupitiya and Bambalapitiya. Colombo is not a place paved with concrete slabs only. There is a big division within Colombo. A large amount of money earned by masses is being grabbed by a small minority. There are many issues confronted by people living in different sections of Colombo city.  However, masses living in these sections do not fight to win their rights. As such, people in Colombo too should be rallied around a center that gives leadership for people’s struggles. One intention of the opening of this coordinating office is to have such a center. We hope to establish such centers of people’s struggles at several places in Colombo soon.

Some say the JVP has retreated. We have given ground only in the election front. However, we are carrying on struggles in several fronts. We are the only ones present in the struggle fronts.

An election expresses people’s opinion only. What is important to us is the people’s power. Our intention is to empower masses. We would endeavour to make the programme to empower masses successful and bring victories to people.

We, as the JVP, aspire for Socialism. We have an understanding and make it our responsibility to usher the masses to Socialism.

The central government levy taxes from the top and local councils levy taxes from the bottom.  Severe issues come up regarding the services of public institutions that have been denied to the masses.

The per capita income in our country is said to be US$3000. According to this every citizen should get US$250 monthly which is nearly Rs.32500. If there are four members in a family the family should receive Rs.130,000. But they do not get this money. If so this money should be somewhere. It is neither in ministries nor in local councils. It hasn’t come to the village or the town making the gap between the have and have-nots wider.

The gap between the village and the town has grown wider. As a result struggles have cropped up throughout the country. We would make this place a center to fight for people’s rights and agitations.

As long as people’s power is absent representatives who are elected with people’s opinion throw away people’s opinion and carry out only what they want. As there is no people’s power people are helpless. Only people’s power could put things right for the people. As such people’s power should be built.  This is what we are introducing to the people.

We would make chilly Colombo warmed up in a week or two. The issues confronted by the people in Colombo city should be identified and a struggle should be started to find solutions for them. The struggle should be taken forward to the Parliament as well. We have ample resources for that.

The people would be soon confronted with the consequences of the colossal amount of money wasted by the government recently. CHOGM has concluded and the visitors enjoyed their stay and have gone. The people will have to shoulder the burden.

The people need a strong political leadership. We are prepared to fill this vacuum. We would begin another front of struggle from Colombo. This is its beginning.


Government intends scrapping fuel subsidy in 2014

Six months have gone by since the fuel subsidy has been denied to the fisher folk and the government is aiming to scrap the subsidy altogether says the National Organizer of All Ceylon Fishermen’s Federation and former Member of Southern Provincial Council Ratna Gamage.

Speaking further Mr. Gamage said, “We, as the All Ceylon Fishermen’s Federation, presented 6 proposals to the budget 2014 to develop fisheries industry in Sri Lanka. We proposed to the government to make available the fuel subsidy to the fisher folk.

However, the government has begun a process that would completely scrap the fuel subsidy. The fishermen and the fishing industry are in dire straits already as a result of denying subsidy to about 26,000 fishing vessels.

We have emphasized to the government to make available the fuel subsidy for the fishing industry as the prices of fuel would not be reduced.”






Election propaganda has begun!

Buying today’s (19th) ‘Dinmina’ would be beneficial for all those who take their lunch parcels for work or places of study.

The 140 page newspaper with advertisements from 72 state institutions that are maintained from your tax money has been priced Rs.20 though it should have been made available free to tax payers.

Most of the advertisements in today’s ‘Dinamina’ are full page advertisements that cost Rs.185, 000.There would be more such advertisements in the days to come.

Some of the ‘public’ institutions that have contributed advertisements are:

Western Provincial Council

Ministry of Buddhasasana and Religions

Ministry of Economic Development

Employees Trust Fund

Sabaramuwa Provincial Council

Provincial Governors and Secretaries

Ministry of Social Welfare

Kurunegala Pradeshiya Sabha

North – Eastern Ministry of Agriculture

Colombo University

Fisheries Corporation

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation

Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation

Bilathsinhala Pradeshiya Sabha

Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

Horana Urban Council

Ministry of Defense and Urban Development

National Savings Bank

Ministry of National Heritage

Ministry of Culture and Arts

Kandy Municipal Council

Ja-ela Urban Council

Ministry of Sugar Industry Development

Southern Provincial Council

Draniyagala Pradeshiya Sabha

Department of Motor traffic

Institute of Industrial Technology

Western Provincial Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs

Warakapola Pradeshiya Sabha

Federation of Consumer Associations of Sri Lanka

Gampaha Pradeshiya Sabha

Negombo Municpal Council

Ministry of Land and Land Development

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development

Mahanuwara Kadawath Pradeshiya Sabha

Nawalapitiya Urban Council

Ambalangoda Urban Council

Udunuwara Pradeshiya Sabha

Ministry of Health

Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation

Embilipitiya Urban Council

Meda Dhumbara Pradeshiya Sabha

Ganga Ihala Korale Pradeshiya Sabha

Katuwana Pradeshiya Sabha

National Youth Brigade

Kekirawa Pradeshiya Sabha

The Institute of Agro-technology and Rural Sciences of the University of Colombo

Uva Provincial Council

National Insurance Trust Fund

Ministry of Education Services

Wattala Urban Council

Eastern Provincial Council

Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms

Ministry of Traditional Industries & Small Enterprise Development

Pharmaceutical Corporation of Sri Lanka

Ministry of Disaster Management

Mawanella Pradeshiya Sabha

Aranayaka Pradeshiya Sabha

Lake House

Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha

Ministry of Ports and Highways

Ministry of Higher Education

Kuruwita Pradeshiya Sabha

National Film Corportion

North – estern Provincial council

Mirigama Pradeshiya Sabha

Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha

Upcountry Development Authority

Department of Irrigation

Ministry of Law and Order

Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations

Budget for 2014 tomorrow

President Mahinda Rajapaksa is scheduled to present budget proposals for 2014 tomorrow in Parliament at 1.00 p.m.

The second reading of the budget would commence on the 22nd. The debate will continue till the 29th and the vote will be taken on the same day at 6.30 p.m.

The committee stage of the budget proposals would commence on 2nd December and conclude on the 20th. At 6.30 p.m. on the same day vote would be taken for the third reading of the budget.

The appropriation bill was presented to Parliament on the 22nd October.

UPFA defeated again

Despite the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Secretary General of UPFA Susil Premajayantha instructing UPFA councilors on several occasions to take measures not to get the budgets presented by local councils ruled by the UPFA defeated, the budget for 2014 in Peliyagoda Urban Council was defeated yesterday (19th).

The budget presented by the Chairman Nihal Ananda received 3 votes while 6 voted against it. Three members of the UPFA have voted against.

Earlier, the budget of the UPFA governed Wilgamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha too was defeated due to several UPFA members voting against it.