Electricity tariff hike hikes inflation

Government’s official data indicates that inflation that was 6.4% in April rose to 7.3% in May.

Inflation that rose in mid 2012 decreased gradually and the Central Bank took measures to bring down its interest ratios that influence decisions of interest rates in commercial banks.

However, IMF advised Sri Lanka not to bring down interest rates as it would increase inflation.

Rajapaksa political police deployed to suppress students – Bimal

Rajapaksa political police have been deployed to arrest, intimidate, baton charge and tear gas university students who are fighting to protect their legitimate rights against arbitrary university authorities says the Member of the Central Committee of the JVP and the National Organizer of its Socialist Youth Union Bimal Rathnayake.

This was told by Mr. Rathanayake at a media conference being held at the head off of the JVP at Pelawatta. The media conference is being held to condemn the brutal attack on students by police that broke into a ‘Sathyagaraha’ held by students demanding authorities to withdraw suspension imposed on several students and allow them to sit their examinations.

The National Organizer of the Socialist Students’ Union Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa too is participating.

The ‘miracle’ is just around the corner!

The per-capita debt has exceeded the Rs.300,000 mark for the first time in history.

According to the report issued by the Central Bank of Ceylon the outstanding state debt has gone beyond Rs.6 trillion (6,000,000,000,000).

1/6th of these loans have been taken in 2012 and during the Chinese tour the President made arrangements to obtain Rs.281.6 billion more from China on very high interest.

According to Auditor General’s report for 2011 out of the loans taken, the government utilized less than 50% for development purposes.

‘People’s Protest ‘day from JVP

The JVP has decided to hold ‘People’s Protests’ throughout the island on the 5th against the increase of electricity tariffs. The day long protest would be held in all districts.

The protest campaign would include signing of petitions against electricity tariff hike, torch demonstrations, agitations and various protest campaigns with the participation of masses states the media unit of the JVP.


Students tear gassed, five arrested

Police and Air Force personnel carried out a tear gas and baton attack on an agitation held by students of Sabaragamuwa University protesting against the move to ban the Students Council, Faculty Councils in the University and suspend four student leaders including the President and the General Secretary of the Student’s Council.

The students held the agitation at Pambahinna junction on Colombo – Badulla road.

Five students including a former president and a secretary of Social Sciences and Languages faculties were arrested by the police while more than 50 male and female students have been injured due to the inhuman attacks carried out by the police and Air Force personnel say students.

Residents in the area vehemently condemn the attack carried out by the police and Air force personnel. Students say even those who were in hostels and homes were dragged out and assaulted by the police and Air force personnel.