Police given responsibility of getting down Bhikkus for ceremony

A ceremony had been held to ‘declare open’ a parapet wall by President Mahinda Rajapaksa which had been built and offered to Devundara temple by a devotee. A ceremony also had been arranged to invoke blessings on the President. Arrangements had been made to get 1000 Bhikkus for the blessing ceremony and responsibility of getting Bhikkus had been taken over by the police stations in Matara District.

All temples in the district have been asked by the police to send two Bhikkus from each temple and the temples had been informed that travelling for Bhikkus would be paid.

It is also reported that the temple would be responsible for the expenditure for buses for the Bhikkus to come for the ceremony.

Anura is the only leader who talks about Muslim issues – Kabeer Hasheem

The only leader who talks regarding issues of Muslims in Parliament and also outside it is Mr. Anura Dissanayaka says the media spokesman of the Leadership Council of the UNP Parliamentarian Kabeer Hasheem.

Speaking at a media conference held yesterday (24th) Parliamentarian Hasheem said Mr. Rauff Hakeem, who calls himself the only leader of the Muslims, does not talk about any issues confronted by the Muslims in the country but has betrayed the Muslim community to indulge in luxuries.

Another blast – candidates leave DP

Five organizers of the Democratic Party of former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka have left the party saying there is no democracy in the party.

They held a media meeting in Colombo yesterday (24th) to announce their resignations.

They said they would ask the party to remove Mr. Sarath Fonseka from the party leadership and hand it over to Ms. Anoma Fonseka or Mr. Jayantha Ketagoda who could maintain democracy in the party.

They said Mr. Fonseka’s way of addressing others would fit  military personnel but would not suit civilians. They said they joined Mr. Fonseka and the Democratic Party to protest against the government and promote good governance but now they have realized that it would not be attained through Mr. Fonseka.

They said they would rally all persons who left the Democratic Party in the near future and build an organization to protect democracy in Democratic Party.

Among those who have resigned from the party are Lakshman Dias – Chief Organizer, Borella, Nalin Rajapaksa – Kotte co-organizer, M. Irshad – Borella co-organizer, Mohan Wickremesinghe – Borella co-organizer, Capt. Ruwanpura Organizer, Kalutara. They are also candidates who have forwarded nominations for the PC election.

The Information Secretary of the Democratic Party who resigned from it earlier also was present.

Earlier the Chief Organizer of the DP for Minuwangoda Lalith Gunawardene also resigned from the party.

Bus stand demolished to give way for President’s meeting

The public bus stand at Akuressa has been demolished to prepare the ground to hold a propaganda meeting of the UPFA presided by the President say reports.

Earlier the playground of Panadugama Vidyalaya had been reserved for the meeting. However, the organizers have later decided to have the meeting at Akuressa bus stand as the area is smaller and a large number would not be necessary to fill the area.

Without saying the bus stand is demolished to have the meeting the government has planned to have a stone laying ceremony to tell the public that the bus stand was removed to build a new bus stand. However, according to the town plan the new bus stand was to be built near the week-end fair at Akuressa.

The President who would arrive by helicopter for the meeting will land at Panadugama Vidyalaya grounds and would be driven to the bus stand where the meeting is to be held along a new road constructed for the purpose. Lands have been forcefully taken to build the road telling the land owners that the road would be removed after the President had used it.

I’m disappointed with government – Hakeem

The government violated the Parliamentary tradition by not inviting Sri Lanka Muslim Congress for the Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to find a solution for the ethnic conflict and he is disappointed regarding the moves of the government says the Leader of the SLMC Rauff Hakeem.

Government’s move to marginalize the SLMC is due to instructions of extremists in the government said Mr. Hakeem adding that he would not hesitate to criticize any shortcomings of the government.

“According to the agreement signed in 2006 any citizen of the country could complain to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva,” said Mr. Hakeem adding that no one can find fault with anyone for doing so.