Sarana on the mat?

Deputy Minister of Petroleum Industries Sarana Gunawardene is to be questioned by police regarding taking a ransom of Rs.10 million from a scrap iron racket say police sources using the name of a powerful minister in the government.

The Deputy Minister has taken the ransom to allow scrap iron to be removed from a state institution. The businessman who had taken the contract to remove scrap iron has complained to the CID that the Deputy Minister had taken the Rs.10 million ransom in three installments from the businessman and the racket had been carried out using the name of a powerful minister in the government.

The sources also revealed that investigations regarding the incident had been put on hold due to pressure from the Deputy Minister but investigations have now been recommenced.

According to investigations now being carried out the Deputy Minister and Members of Pradeshiya Sabhas who were involved in the scrap iron racket would be questioned within the next two weeks say sources.

Arundika spills the beans

There are many in the government who are connected with drugs and illicit liquor says UPFA Puttalam District Parliamentarian and SLFP Organizer for Wennappuwa Arundika Fernando.

Participating in an interview with a daily newspaper Parliamentarian Fernando says it is not necessary to smuggle ethanol from India as it could be produced here using surplus rice and maize saving a lot of money in the country.

Speaking regarding the cabinet spokesman and Minister Keheliya Rambukwella’s statement that two government politicians are involved in the ethanol smuggling incident Parliamentarian Arundika Fernando says, “I saw how Minister Keheliya Rambukwella responded to a question during the debate for the vote for mass media. You cannot expect a better answer from such a person. We were embarrassed in Parliament watching the argument between Parliamentarian Ranjan and him. The country needs a Minister of Mass Media who acts more responsibly.”

Speaking further Parliamentarian Arundika Fernando has said the Minister of Mass Media doesn’t talk to defend the Prime Minister. For, they have a struggle to collect preferential votes. Both of them are from Kandy District, Some in the government want to oust the Prime Minister.

Arundika has said, “There are many who are connected to illicit liquor and drugs. Nothing happens to them. However, even our minor incidents are labeled.”

When asked what he would do to get free from the accusation, the Parliamentarian has said first he would pray to God. Next, he would seek help from courts and thirdly, he would have full confidence in the President.

Karaliyadda’s ‘chastity’ questioned!

Women’s organizations state they vehemently condemn the public statement made on a TV channel by the Minister of Women’s Affairs Tissa Karaliyadda that female members in voluntary organizations that talk about relationships between men and women have lost their chastity. They say Minister’s statement insults women and the Minister should immediately resign from his post.

The statement made by a minister in charge of children’s and women’s affair, without considering the responsibility such a ministerial post holds regarding violence against women, is very harmful for women they point out adding that at a time when child abuse and raping of women have increased in the society  such statements encourage would be abusers and rapers.

The Minister, who stated that gender equality, is an erroneous concept and added that rural women are unconcerned regarding such concepts before attempting to find the chastity of women in voluntary organizations should find out whether the men folk in the Parliament have protected their chastity point out women’s organizations.

They further point out that appointing a male as a minister of Women’s Affairs in a country where 52% of the population consists of women and giving him an opportunity to insult women is an underestimation by the government of the whole womankind.

Son of fishermen’s union secretary abducted

Thamil Amuthan, the 22 year old son of the General Secretary of Sri Lanka Northern Province Fishermen’s Union Kandawanam  Sooriyakumar, has been abducted by an armed gang. The youth was abducted yesterday morning.

Mr. Kandawanam Sooriyakumar says he came to know that his son was abducted when he received an SMS to his phone. The message stated that four armed persons abducted his son.

In his complaint to the police Mr. Kandawanam Sooriyakumar has said he suspects that government intelligence sections were behind the abduction.

Nothing has been said about this abduction by the police media spokesman or any other government authority.

Savior of illegal treasure-hunters

It is revealed that the UPFA Parliamentarian who threatened police officers and officers of the Wildlife Department and created havoc at Godakawela Police station to get his associates who had been arrested and detained for illegally hunting for treasure in archeologically treasured Bambaragala Reserve at Galpaya is none other than Ranjith Soysa who defends the government animatedly in TV programmes.

Parliamentarian Soyza, who is an ardent supporter of the President, had broken into the police station with a gang of thugs on the 24th , threatened the officers and forcibly removed 6 of his associated who had been arrested and detained for illegally hunting for treasure and the lorry they had used.

The officers of the Wildlife Department had instantly lodged a complaint at Godakawela Police against the Parliamentarian and the thugs. However, the Parliamentarian has not been arrested yet despite Godakawela Police carrying out investigations regarding the incident.