Three pasting ‘anti-corruption’ posters arrested

Three members of the ‘Voice Against Corruption’ (VAC) organization, who were putting up posters of the organization, have been arrested by Modara Police.

The three members, Nadarajah, Lakshman and Asela were arrested while they were pasting posters in Modara area.

The posters had the question “Where’s gold, money & ships seized from the LTTE” in Sinhalese and Tamil.

FUTA to select new strategy for its struggle

The Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA) is readying to recommence the struggle to get allocations of 6% of the GDP for education in Sri Lanka and is expected to have discussions with all trade unions and other organizations that would strengthen the struggle to protect education say reports.

The representatives of FUTA also say they oppose an attempt by the government to privatize Sri Lanka Open University.

A special media conference is to be held today (27th) to apprise the media regarding the future measures FUTA proposes to take to get the 6% of GDP for education.

University teachers carried out a strike for more than100 days last year demanding solutions for their salary issues and asking the government to raise allocations for education to 6% of GDP.

President & government have not taken any step to develop SLTB – Sepala Liyanage

Ministers of transport and chief ministers in provincial councils compete with each other to provide route permits to their kith and kin and issuing excess permits for their personal financial gains would weaken and bring about the downfall of  Sri LankaTransport Board says the General Secretary  of All Ceylon Transport Workers’ Union Sepala Liyanage.  He said the right of issuing route permits should be restricted to the Ministry of Transport.

In a letter addressed to the President Mr. Liyanage further states that despite written promises had been given by the President and his government to the people that all measures would be taken to strengthen SLTB, the most necessary steps had not been taken. He says to strengthen SLTB the mileage covered by the SLTB should be increased, more buses should be put on the road, more depots and workshops should be established and more employees deployed. He states issuing of route permits indiscriminately by transport ministers and chief ministers of provincial councils would not allow such moves to be taken and the downfall of the SLTB would be inevitable.

He points out that when there are about 25,000 private buses deployed SLTB deploys only about 4500 buses and requests the President to take measures not to issue any route permits until the SLTB increases its fleet to 25,000.  He suggests importing 5000 new buses for the SLTB and requests the President to mediate to stop the fraud of issuing route permits by provincial politicians and hand it over to the Ministry of Transport.

Those who are against me becoming PM rallied to destroy me – Maithripala Sirisena

“Those who were against me becoming the prime minister have used my son’s incident to destroy me. My son has never told that I would become the prime minister next month. Boys and girls fought with each other at the beach. It is not a big incident to talk about,” said the Secretary General of the SLFP and Minister of Health Maithripala Sirisena to the media.

“The DIG’s son had undergone surgery for one of his hands a few months ago. The photographs have been taken focusing on that hand. I was present at the scene when the incident occurred. DIG’s son said at the moment there was nothing to worry,” said the Minister adding that he would make a special statement today (27th).

When journalists asked DIG Ravindra Waidyalankara regarding the condition of his son he had said his son’s wounds had to have five stitches and there were several bumps on his head. He said they were not old wounds.

The Minister’s son and the other 12 suspects have been released on police bail.

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India will vote against Sri Lanka– Indian PM’s office confirms


India is to vote in support of a US-backed resolution against Sri Lanka proposed to be moved before the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva next month. V Narayansamy, the Union minister in the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Office  confirmed this yesterday (24th) according to Indian media. "We called on the Prime Minister and insisted that he support the resolution against Sri Lanka on war crimes. He promised to do so," Narayanasamy has said.

The Union Minister has said that Manmohan Singh has promised to support the resolution against Sri Lanka on war crimes and human rights violations at the UNHRC meeting. Narayanasamy said he along with MPs fromTamil Nadu recently called on the Prime Minister and asked him to extend support to the US-sponsored resolution for holding Sri Lanka responsible for war crimes and to vote against Sri Lanka.

He had said the sentiments of Tamil people are running high after pictures of slain LTTE leader Prabakaran and his son Balachandran were released in the media recently. India was one of the 24 countries that voted against Sri Lanka on human rights violations at the UNHRC meet in March last year.