Farmers’ funeral

A protest march organized by ‘Hurulu Agrarian Foundation’ to demand compensation for all soya farmers whose cultivations have been destroyed was held at Galenbindunuwewa in Anuradhapura District yesterday (17th).

Farmers attired in their traditional garb carried a coffin labeled ‘Farmers’ funeral’.

Another curb for media freedom

A new code of conduct, on the pretext of protecting people’s privacy, is to be introduced for media photographers that would drastically affect media freedom say reports.

A renowned photographer representing the relevant council that is drafting the code of conduct has told media that any person whose photograph taken could take legal action stating his privacy had been violated.

The government that claims Sri Lanka is being targeted with fundamental rights accusations at the Human Rights Commission in Geneva bringing in such regulations restricting freedom of journalists would attract further criticism against the country say legal experts.

USA to work with SL regarding HR

The USA states that it is prepared to work together with Sri Lanka regarding human rights in the future.

Deputy Media Spokesperson of the US State Department Marie Harf stated this during a daily media briefing as a response to questions raised regarding United States Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues Stephen J. Rapp’s visit to Sri Lanka.

In response to queries of journalists Ms. Harf has stated that Rapp had toured Sri Lanka to understand the true situation of human rights in the country.

Meanwhile, Minister of Justice Rauff Hakeem had recently stated that Stephen J. Rapp arrived in Sri Lanka with pre-conceived notions that Sri Lanka had committed war crimes.

Uncle in AL Army rapes 15 year old niece

A 40 year old man has been arrested by Buttala Police for raping his 15 year old niece.

The victim is a student studying in Grade 11 and is a resident of Helagama at Buttala while her uncle is a corporal in SL Army states the police.

Buttala Police are conducting further investigations.

Return public property used by former councilors – CaFFE

Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) states the the Western and Southern Provincial Councils have been dissolved and requests all former councilors of the two councils to return the public property, including official vehicles, in their possession immediately.

Issuing a public request to the former councilors, Executive Director of CaFFE Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon states that a large number of public properties of the two councils had been released to the former councilors and their staffs. Among these were a large number of official vehicles, houses, offices and other buildings of the provincial councils and the central government. The former members are obligated to return these properties after their terms have ended states the Executive Director of CaFFE.

In provincial council elections held in 2013, a considerable number of provincial councilors had not returned the public property they were given which lead to a lot of unpleasantness. CaFFE states it is the duty of the elected representatives as well as the Governor and Chief Secretary of the provinces to take action to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.