Banks pawned to construct roads

The government has obtained Rs.33,730 million as loans from local banks to construct roads. These loans have been obtained as long term loans. Economists say that obtaining loans from local banks to construct roads is a serious matter. They point out that constructing roads is not a direct economic investment and obtaining as long term loans the funds that are reserved to be invested for local investments would deny local entrepreneurs opportunities to obtain bank loans for their projects.

Meanwhile, the Road Development Authority (RDA) that is under the President has received a profit of Rs.9,768,169.00 in 2012. However, by 2013 it has recorded a loss of Rs. 1,059,761,549.00!

In such an environment obtaining bank loans for road construction is a threat for local banks point out economists.

20 years RI for Tangalle UPFA Chairman

Four accused including former Chairman of Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha Sampath Chandra Pushpa Vidanapathirana have been sentenced to 20 years rigorous imprisonment. They were charged for the murder of British Red Cross worker Khuram Shaikh and assaulting and gang raping his Russian girlfriend Victoria Aleksandrovna Tkacheva at a holiday resort at Tangalle on the Christmas Eve 2011.

The verdict was delivered by High Court Judge Ms. Rohini Walgama. The 5th and 6th accused were acquitted.

Officials from the British and Russian embassies and relatives of the victims were also present for the announcing of the verdict.

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Video: State employees at Haldummulla take to the streets

An agitation was carried out by residents and employees of Haldummulla Divisional Secretariat against the sudden transfer of the Divisional Secretary by UPFA Parliamentarian Udith Lokubandara using his political power.

The transfer of the lady Divisional Secretary at a time Uva Provincial Council has been dissolved is opposed by the employees. The employees say the lady Divisional Secretary was transferred as she did not allow any fraud or corruption connected with development projects carried out by politicians and their lackeys.

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Pearls before swine…

An instance of two inventors who had invented a new machine to separate sand from soil being arrested and produced before court is reported from Anuradhapura. When the two inventors were brought before Thambuththegama Court the Magistrate Jayadewa Morawaka has advised police not to obstruct such inventors but to give them assistance.

The Magistrate has released the two inventors without any bail and ordered them to be present in court on 17th September. RM Keerthi Senaratna and AM Samantha Atapattu, residents of Yaya 10 of Katiyawa at Eppawala were the two inventors who were arrested by the police and produced before court.


President sells ITN land

Nearly thirty acres at Torrington Place including the land belonging to ITN near Arcade Independent Square opened recently by the President is to be sold say reports.

This is revealed in a cabinet paper presented to find alternative places for residents that would be ejected from the lands. There are several other state institutions in addition to ITN in the area.

The cabinet paper has been presented by the President himself as the Minister of Defense & Urban Development. The cabinet approval has been received for the sale.