President disregards me – Muthuhettigama

The voters of Galle sent him to Parliament with more than hundred thousand preferential votes making him number one in the list of MPs elected from Galle district and he expected at least a deputy ministerial post said Galle District UPFA Parliamentarian Nishanthe Muthuhettigama. However, the President has disregarded him lamented Mr. Muthuhettigama.

He said the people in Galle have been unjustly treated at the reshuffle of the cabinet carried out recently as they are subjected to step motherly treatment by the government.

Speaking regarding the cabinet reshuffle the Parliamentarian said, “People in Galle have been unfairly treated at the cabinet reshuffle. Parliamentarians who obtained highest number of votes from districts made a written request to the President to provide them with deputy ministerial portfolios. However, MPs who were elected to Parliament for the first time were not given any positions. All positions were given to those who had been in Parliament before us. I expect MPs who entered parliament with the highest number of preference votes would be fairly treated at a future reshuffle.”

A/L results tonight

The results of the A/L examination held last year will be released tonight (30th).

The office of the Commissioner of Examination states results could be viewed from tonight at web site.

The office of the Commissioner of Examinations further states a programme that would ensure correctness of the results have been observed for this examination.

The Commissioner of Examination W.M. Pushpakumara assures the media that the ‘Z’ score has been correctly calculated and its correctness has been confirmed by an internal committee.

More than 300,000 candidates sat for the examination.

No confidence in committee appointed to investigate Achala’s amputation


They have no confidence in the committee appointed to investigate the incident in which the left hand of the medical student Miss.  Achala Priyadharshani was amputated say doctors.

Some of the members of this committee are close associates of the doctors in Matara hospital who are accused of the incident they point out adding the medical student would not get a fair decision from such a committee.

The doctors say there had been similar incidents in the past and the result of every such investigation was an ‘error caused by a technical issue’ and there is a plan to sweep the incident under the carpet stating it was a technical error.

Retired judges too should be included in the committee if a just and unbiased investigation is to be carried out regarding the amputation of Miss Achala Priyadhrashani’s left hand say the doctors.


Achala, a Law Faculty final year student, sustained injuries after falling down a flight of stairs at her house at Urubokka,Matara. She was admitted to Matara Hospital with fracture injuries. She was later transferred to Colombo National Hospital where her left hand was amputated.

A preliminary investigation conducted by the Health Ministry into the amputation has revealed that the Matara hospital doctors’ negligence was the cause. Later the Ministry of Health appointed a committee to investigate the incident.






US to bring new resolution in Geneva against SL


The United States has announced it will seek a fresh human rights resolution against Sri Lanka during the UN Human Rights Council’s session in March.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State James Moore who is among the three delegates for US visiting Sri Lanka following his talks with Sri Lankan government officials has said that the decision about the resolutions has been made to force Sri Lanka to deliver on its promises to investigate their troops’ involvement in war crimes.

“The U.S. and the other 23 members of the UNHRC, who voted for that resolution in 2012 believe that the government of Sri Lanka needs to fulfil its commitments made to its own people,” Moore has said.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence Vikram Singh who is also a member of eh delegation visiting Sri Lanka said that this way the U.S. wants to keep Sri Lanka’s case alive at Geneva. He further said that the U.S.’ decision is also prompted by the government’s decision to impeach Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake – a move that two court rulings declared illegal and unconstitutional. “It is safe to say that the impeachment of the Chief Justice also contributed to the decision to ensure that the record against Sri Lanka stays fresh in Geneva,” Singh told the media.

Meanwhile, two US senators yesterday (29th) renewed calls for an international investigation into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka, accusing government of Sri Lanka of failing to address legitimate concerns.

Senators Patrick Leahy and Bob Casey, prominent voices on foreign policy in President Barack Obama's Democratic Part also voiced concern over the recent impeachment, backed by President Mahinda Rajapakse, of the chief justice and highlighted charges of human rights groups that authorities have intimidated the media.


Pavithra greeted with a standstill

Generating of electricity at Norochcholai power station has come to a standstill even before a period of 24 hours has gone by since Ms. Pavithra Wanniarachchi became the Minister of Power and Energy.

A spokesman for Norochcholai Power Station said generating electricity had to be stopped today at 9.50 a.m. due a technical problem.

He said the issues could be solved as soon as possible.