Separatism is now at Diyawanna – JVP

The Political Bureau of the JVP met at its Pelawatta office on the 23rd. The attention of the bureau was drawn towards the constitutional amendment the government intends presenting to Parliament, foreign interventions in the country and the separatist tendencies that are emerging again.

The General Secretary Tilvin Silva first drew the attention of the Political Bureau to what Minister G.L. Peiris had told the Indian government while he visited India. He said, “The Minister told Indian authorities that the government of Sri Lanka would dedicate itself for the 13th amendment. The whole country knows that the President had come to certain agreements regarding 13 and a solution beyond 13 when Indian delegations visited this country. This is a continuation of this process. When the government removed the Chief Justice their main complaint was that Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake brought separatism to Hultsdorp. Government’s minister parrots reiterated this. This is how the background to bring in the impeachment process was prepared. Now this separatism has come to Diyawanna; to the cabinet. If it is not so the government should charge against  G.L. Peiris and he should be removed from the cabinet for promising to Indian government that the government of Sri Lanka would dedicate itself for the 13th amendment,” said Mr. Tilvin Silva.

The Leader of the JVP Somawansa Amarasinghe addressing the Political Bureau said, “It is evident that Rajapaksa regime dedicates itself for separatism. They tell the masses one thing but discuss an entirely opposite thing in the cabinet. This government never thinks of the masses. The masses have lost their attention regarding this issue now. We, as a political party that sees eminent dangers to the country and take action, should commence a new dialogue with the masses.

Mr. Tilvin Silva responding said, “As a result of undemocratic and anti-peoples moves of the government our country has fallen to a very low position in the world. It is becoming a state where human rights are blatantly violated. As a result pressure from the international community escalates.  After the new chief justice was illegally appointed after the impeachment process was carried out, many international organizations expressed their opposition to the move. The International Human rights Commission had sent a statement protesting against the act.

This government doesn’t care for diplomatic negotiations or internationally accepted agreements. It would carry out any idiotic move to protect its dictatorial powers. On one side they talk of anti-imperialism. On the other they pave the way for imperialism. They also dance like puppets for imperialist tunes,” added Mr. Tilvin Silva.


Malini likes Kelaniya, but..

“I love Kelaniya and I have told President Mahinda Rajapaksa that I could do some service to my village and the country,” the renowned artist Malini Fonseka has told a daily newspaper.

“I could serve my village only if I could resolve issues amicably. I wouldn’t like to create issues for others. I have come a long way as an artist. People in my village forgot me, but I love my village,” she had stated.

However, if anyone is appointed to Kelaniya she would extend her support to that person she had added.

400 ballot papers marked for ‘Swan’ found at Kalagedihena


A large number of ballot papers of the 2010 presidential election with the vote marked to ‘Swan’, the election symbol of Gen. Sarath Fonseka, have been found near Kalagedihena MV adjoining Colombo – Kandy road.

The official ballot papers found yesterday (24th) morning were of Nuwaraeliya District. Finding ballot papers at various places that should be kept locked in Election Secretariat has given rise to serious suspicion regarding the result of the election.

The office of Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa is very close to the school from where the ballot papers have been found.

Before the results of the 2010 presidential election were announced there was pandemonium at the Election Secretariat and then Commissioner of Elections Dayananda Dishanayake publicly said he was under stress.

General Fonseka and many others said the election was a fraud and did not accept the result as correct.

400 ballot papers have been found by Nittambuwa Police on information given by a person by phoning 119.


Process to hunt down anti-Rajapaksa UPFA MPs launched


A process has been launched to hunt down MPs who act ignoring President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s and his followers say internal sources of the ruling party. The process is taken forward as a move to investigate and take action regarding national list MPs who do not make their contributions for affairs of the government say these sources.

The sources say the move is to remove these MPs who have fallen into bad books of the government and replace them with pro-Rajapaksa individuals.

At a SLFP committee meeting held on the 22nd the matter was discussed and Mr. Rajiva Wijesinghe, a national list MP of the UPFA was severely criticized point out these sources.

At this meeting it was agreed to take a decision with all parties in the UPFA and it is likely that Mr. Rajiva Wijesinghe would be replaced by Mr. Sarath N. Silva say these sources.


Like in 88-80 I open my mouth only to take meals – Mervin

“I open my mouth now only to have my meals,” the Minister of Public Relations and Public Affairs Mervin Silva has stated to a daily newspaper.

He has said he is reminded of advice given to him by late Ven. Hakmana Pagnaloka Thera of Tissamaharama Raja Maha Vihara who had asked him to open his mouth only to take his meals. The Thero had advised him when he attempted to hold a public meeting during 88-89 period when public meetings were banned.

As such he would refrain from speaking much before media or persons and would open his mouth only to take his meals as advised by the late prelate said Minister Mervin.