A lesson from chimpanzees to deal with an arbitrary leader

Despite being obedient to the leader in a group, specially groups of wild chimpanzees, is the natural law in the jungle, recently the head of a group of chimpanzees was killed by its underlings for acting arbitrarily. The incident is reported by Scientists from University of Kent in Canterbury, UK.

They have observed the leader of the wild chimpanzee troupe was being recently attacked by four of his underlings, who banded together to beat him to death. It's unusual for chimps to kill their alpha male – and this event gives rare insight into group structure in our closest relatives say scientists.

From 2007, Pimu was the alpha male of a chimp group living near Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. His rule came to a violent end and the moment was captured on video. Stefano Kaburu of the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK, and colleagues investigated the incident and conducted an autopsy on Pimu's body

The attack happened one morning after Pimu had started a fight with the second-ranking male. This male fled, while four others charged and beat Pimu, biting his hands and feet.

Export income down by 10.7%


Sri Lanka's income from exports has come down by 10.7% during the first two months of this year. The export income during January and February in 2012 was US$1709.2 million while it came down to US$1526.2 million during the same period this year states Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

The income from exporting agricultural products has been reduced by 6.9%, industrial export income has come down by 11.5% and mineral export income has come down by 64.5% states the Central Bank report.


'Casino king' has fallen in love with Sri Lanka & its politicians – The Age

'Casino king' James packer made three trips to Sri Lanka and met government ministers to set up a casino palace called  Crown Colombo spending $US350 million for the construction. The 'palace' which includes hotels, casinos and other entertainment will be open for business in 2016 states 'The Age' of Australia.

'The Age' states Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena, Sri Lanka's Minister of Investment Promotion, said after Mr Packer's latest visit this month 'to invest in a large city hotel in Colombo and go to the eastern city of Trincomalee to look into possible investment opportunities.'

'The Age' also states Packer had discussions with Treasury Secretary P. B. Jayasundera and Mr Packer had expressed an interest in ''integrated tourism'', which includes hotels, casinos and other entertainment.'

'The Age' states that Sri Lanka has set up legalized gambling zones and introduced tax concessions to attract foreign investors and adds that Crown was not the only casino group showing interest. Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Sands is reportedly exploring investment options in Sri Lanka after being rebuffed by India.

According to 'The Age' gambling tycoons believe Sri Lanka could thrive as a gambling hub by attracting Indian gamblers as it is 'just a four-hour flight from India's major cities.'

Another red light to SL from international on World Press Freedom Day

Sri Lanka is placed 4th in Impunity Index ranking and government aggressively censors outlets, blocks information and critical, opposition journalists face threats, severe intimidation states Committee to Protect Journalists in its report issued yesterday - The World Press Freedom Day, declared by the UN to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and remind governments of their duty to respect and uphold the right to freedom of expression.

The report states that Sri Lanka remained a highly restrictive and dangerous nation for the press. It states 'critical or opposition journalists continued to face a climate of intense intimidation. More than 20 journalists have gone into exile in the last five years, one of the highest rates in the world. Work-related murders have declined since 2009, but the slayings of nine journalists have gone unsolved over the last decade, one of the worst records of impunity in the world. The government moved aggressively to obstruct the flow of information. In July, the Ministry of Media and Information blocked efforts to introduce freedom of information legislation before parliament, saying national security would be threatened if citizens were given access to public documents. The government had barred previous right-to-information efforts, including one in 2011. In June, police raided the offices of two opposition news websites, arresting staff members and confiscating equipment. At least five other critical websites were blocked. And in March, the authorities told all news organizations they must obtain prior official approval before issuing any text or SMS news alerts that carried information about the military or police.'

It states 'facing persistent threats, numerous journalists have fled the country, with few daring to return. Some exiled journalists establish offshore news websites or continue anti-government activism.'

According to CPJ Iraq is placed first in the list of countries where crimes against journalists go unpunished. Second is Somalia, the third Philippines and Sri Lanka is in the fourth position. Sri Lanka remained in eh fourth position last year as well.

Parents on death fast to get their children admitted to school

Parents of 19 students got onto the roof of the main building of Elpitiya Primary School and commenced a death fast demanding their children be admitted to grade I classes as they are eligible to be admitted to the class. The parents forcefully entered their children to Grade I classes of the school before they got on to the roof.

The parents say 16 parents have admitted their children to school using forged documents. However, children of parents who live within the radius of 750 meters have been denied admittance they complain. They point out the lady principal and the school development society have committed a serious malpractice by admitting children on forged documents and denying their children who are eligible to be admitted.

As complaints to education authorities and Human Rights Commission have been ignored they have taken a decision to carry out a death fast say parents.