UN report on Syria is politicized & biased – Russia

Russia states UN’s findings are “politicized” and “biased” in nature and its findings on alleged poison gas attack in Syria is one sided.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said, "We are unhappy about this report, we think that report was distorted, it was one-sided, the basis of information upon which it is built is not sufficient, and in any case we would need to learn and know more on what happened beyond and above that incident of August 21."

The UN had released a 38page report on the incident, which states that chemical weapons were used in Syria on August 21. The inspectors behind the report were not authorized to name a suspected culprit in the attack, and the evidence they presented is now subject to conflicting interpretations.The report stated that the warheads used in the Syria chemical attack “could be original or improvised.”

Russia has brokered a deal under which the Syrian government has agreed to scrap its chemical weapons arsenal in order to defuse tension that mounted after the August 21 sarin gas attack. The agreement, prepared by Russia and the US, put on hold America’s plans to use military force against Syria.

Meanwhile, France, Great Britain and the United States have introduced a draft resolution today (18th) at a meeting of the five in New York  binding a UN resolution on Syria to Chapter VII to insure the compliance of Damascus. any UN resolution adopted under the Chapter VII of the UN Charter, would pave the way to military action.

However, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said that his country wouldn't accept any such UN resolution against Syria.

Govt. makes more false promises to people that suffered for 30 years – JVP

Making false promises to the people who suffered for thirty years due to the war is a regretful situation says the Member of the Central Committee of the JVP Sunil Handunneththi.

Speaking at a special media conference held at Arundathi Hotel in Vavuniya today (16th) Mr. Handunnethti said, “We commenced our election campaign requesting people in the North to bring victory to the JVP to establish national unity.  At this moment the election campaigns are coming to an end you would realize that this request is very justifiable. For, the government and other communalist political parties have made the election campaign a communal affair. The government and the TNA have subjected the whole election campaign to communalism. We, as the JVP, made a request to the people during the campaign to rally to build national unity against communalism. The election manifesto presented by the TNA for the election addresses Tamil communalism. The government carried out Sinhalese communalist propaganda against this move of the TNA not only in the North but also in the other two provinces where the elections are to be held. During the election campaign the communalism in the North sustained the communalism in the South and vice versa. Like in a volley ball match the TNA fed the ball for the government to hit dashes. The dashes were hit not only in the North but also in the other two provinces. However, the JVP rejected both these communalisms, took the stand that the only solution is national unity and carried out its election campaign successfully. We never contributed to petty communalism. We have our determination and would endevaour to build national unity. Most in the North had come to know about the JVP from what other political parties had told about us. Certain communal sections had implanted wrong notions regarding the JVP among the Tamil masses.  During this election campaign the JVP was able to remove the wrong impressions created by others in the minds of the people in the North and let the people have a correct impression regarding the JVP and politics in the country.  During this election process we were able to prove that the JVP was the only political party that could build unity among Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and Malay people. We consider this as our biggest achievement in the campaign.

We were able to convince the people in the North that the national question could be solved beyond the election process. We took measures to distribute about 10,000 copies of ‘An approach for the Solution of the National Question’ among the people in the North. Meanwhile, the government spread communalism. We, of the JVP, sowed seeds of national unity over the abandoned lands in the North. We went to every nook and corner in the North taking the message of national unity. The government, going beyond communalism, used the campaign to spread religious and caste differences as well as regionalism.  Certain political parties put up posters saying “Let’s be Hindus’. The election campaign was dragged to such a low level. Cast system was used to get down the crowd for the Mullaithivu rally the President participated. The people who got on to the stage said they have issues due to cast system and they attended the rally due to that. The head of the country falls below the level of a provincial councilor.

‘Yal Devi’ train came to Killinochchi. It’s good. However, what did the President say when he inaugurated the service? “I want the Northern provincial council. If I don’t get it I wouldn’t do anything.” What a paltry statement! When the war was over the President said “Let’s forget the past. We all are equal.” Now he says if the provincial council is not given he would not do anything. This is where the division is! In one hand it is a threat to the people in the North. On the other the opening of the rail line is a bribe. This is not the way for an ethical leadership. This statement destroyed the little trust people in the North had regarding the South after the war.  The JVP vehemently condemn this statement. We denounce communalism, religionism, cast differences and regionalism certain communalist political parties and organizations spread.  Instead, we struggle for national unity.

We challenge the government and other political parties who claim they represent Tamil masses to prove that they did not carry out their campaigns using communalism, religionism, cast and regionalism. We ask the people in this country as well as those Sri Lankans living abroad to understand the communalism of the government and the TNA. Also, we ask voters to cast their votes for the JVP to oppose communalism. Every vote given to the JVP is a vote for national unity. We ask the people to take a decision regarding political parties that shout national unity only on election stages. Our satisfaction in this election process is our campaign that we carried out sans communalism, religionism, cast system and regionalism.

Not a single word regarding the real issues of the Tamil people in the North was mentioned by the government or the Tamil political parties that pretended to represent Tamil people. The issues of the displaced and land issues were not mentioned. Various pageants are held to win votes at the future elections. Those political parties that pretend as saviors of the Tamil masses never ask the government to release the youths that are detained in various prisons. There is no civil administration in the North at present. There is no media freedom. The language issue has escalated. There are no facilities for the Tamil people to get work done from state institutions.  The JVP raised these issues and made use of the election campaign to demand the government to protect the rights of all the people and treat everyone equally. We have made this an opportunity to make the people aware of their rights and to rally them to struggle for them.”

The Member of the Central Committee of the JVP Ramalingam Chandrasekar, candied for Killinochchi district S. Rajendran, candidate for Vavuniya District Upali Samarasinghe also participated.

Massive supplier of expired food raided

A massive consignment of expired food items have been found in a large storage in Kotahena when officials of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) raided it yesterday (17th). The value of the food items found in the raid is said to be nearly Rs 100 million.

According to CAA officials among the expired food items there had been milk powder, cheese, margarine, vinegar, vegetable cooking oil, dry yeast, , baking soda, olive oil, gee and cans of tomato sauce.

It is stated that the company supplies outdated cooking oil to a internationally popular fast food company which operates a chain of outlets in big cities in the country and expired dry yeast to a number of bakeries.

The CAA officials found that the brand names of the products and the expiry dates had been changed in a fraudulent manner and the owners of the private company were living abroad. However, employees who were in charge of the storage have been questioned and the storage was sealed.

US poverty rises

A new study from the National Poverty Center finds that 1.65 million American households are living in “extreme poverty,” and these households include 3.55 million children. Using a World Bank definition, the research defines “extreme poverty” as surviving on less than $2 per day, per person, each month. This measure is roughly 13% of the official U.S. poverty threshold. The study utilizes data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) between 1996 and 2011.

In mid-2011, about 47.5% of households living in extreme poverty were white non-Hispanic, and 46% were African-American or Hispanic. However, when adjusting for means-tested subsidy programs, the proportion of households living in extreme poverty and headed by white non-Hispanics rises to 61.2%. A higher percentage of households living in extreme poverty in 2011 were headed by a single female (50.8%), compared to married couples (36.5%). However, when adjusting for means tested programs, the proportion of extremely poor households headed by a single female drops to below one-third of all households in extreme poverty.

According to study authors, the loss of a cash safety net is a contributing factor to the increase of extreme poverty across the country, combined with slow economic growth and major job losses throughout the Great Recession.

PM in the dark!

It is reported that requests had been made using letterheads of the Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratna and his secretaries to get the container of heroin brought from Pakistan hidden inside grease tins released from Colombo Harbour without any investigations say reports.

The letter had asked the tax for the contents of the container to be reduced by 15% and to release the container from the harbor immediately. Letters with PM’s letter heads had also asked the grease to be tested at Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

The originals as well as photo copies of these letters are with the officers of Customs and Police Narcotics Bureau who are carrying out investigations regarding the heroin container say sources.

The container that had been shipped from Karachi on the 17th June stating it contained grease, ceramic and plastic goods reached Colombo on 22nd June.

A secretary to the Prime Minister has admitted he issued the relevant letters and had said he had done it by mistake. He had said the Prime Minister was busy engaged in election campaigning, he signs all letters his party supporters bring to him and had added some people had taken advantage of this.

However, the attention of the investigating teams has been drawn to a Pakistani racketeer who had spent millions to get the container released.

The Pakistani who had come to Sri Lanka and stayed at Salmar Hotel at Maradana to get the container released had kept a bag full of money to be given to various people to get the container released say sources. The Prime Minister presenting letters to get the largest stock of heroin seized in Asia released is a very unfortunate situation say political analysts and a prime minister of a country signing letters without reading them is a crime that cannot be excused at all they point out.