Hemal’s illicit affair to bribery commission

The Bribery Commission has filed a case in Colombo High Court against a police constable and a police inspector who had issued a spot fine for a Deputy  Minister who had driven a car exceeding speed limits along the Southern Expressway.

Samanthi Ureka, a woman selling illicit liquor at Kalutara, has made the complaint to the Bribery Commission charging that the officers had asked for a bribe of Rs.10,000 on 25th January, 2009 to  inform the complainant of instances police officers would raid her den.

The complainant also charges that the police inspector who conducted the raid had asked for Rs.10,000 more for reducing the number of bottles of illicit liquor seized during the raid when producing them to court.

The Hight Court after considering the case fixed the trial date for the 21st and warranted the accused.

According to very reliable sources the woman has been lured to file a case for an incident that is said to have occurred several years ago by Deputy Minister Hemal Gunasekera. The woman is carrying on the illicit liquor business with the protection of the Deputy Minister say these sources.

Video: Unable to share booty, they exchange blows

UPFA councilor of Poddala Pradeshiya Sabha of Bope Premalal Abeysekera got on to the table during the session of the Pradeshiya Sabha held yesterday (19th) to protest against the Chairman for not approving several water projects he had presented. The situation became tense when the Leader of the Opposition of the Pradeshiya Sabha supported him.

This is a reflection of the conflicts that have arisen between stalwarts of the government in the area say reports. At present friction within the ruling party is surfacing and an environment has developed that a serious political split within the ruling party is inevitable once the election for Uva PC is concluded point out political analysts.

A rice mafia exists within government – Namal

A massive rice mafia is active within the government says the President of All Ceylon Farmers Federation and Member of North-Western PC Namal Karunaratna. He made this observation in an interview with a weekend newspaper.

Speaking further Mr. Karunaratna says, “Today, traders have become owners of the rice mills of the government .These traders bought stocks of paddy and hoarded it. It is to create an artificial rice shortage and raise prices. The government neither confronts this situation nor does it have a programme to arrest such a situation. What the government states is that the prices of rice went up due to the drought.

We don’t accept it. The harvest for Yala season is gathered during this month. If so there is no way the drought could influence the harvest. It would have an effect in December – January period. The government comes out of such excuses to hide its impotency as it does not have a proper plan.

Sri Lanka needs 193000 metric tons of rice for consumption for a month. The need for a year is 2320000 metric tons. To get such a harvest 2 million acres of paddy land should be cultivated. What’s the programme the government has for this issue? The paddy that is bought for Rs.20 a kilo is turned into rice and sold for nearly Rs.100. The businessman gets 1:2 profit. The farmer is being exploited. The consumer too is exploited. A government should be able to mediate in such matters and to control the situation. Nothing of that sort happens now.”

Bonanza for Presidential Commissions

It is revealed that Rs. 272,693,591.76 has been spent for 17 commissions appointed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa for various incidents that occurred during 2005-2013, the 8 year period he has been in office. This is revealed when the Prime Minister responded to a question posed by Parliamentarian Anura Dissanayaka in Parliament.

The commissions were appointed to inquire into anti-peoples incidents, frauds and corruption that occurred in state enterprises, incidents of human rights violations, frauds occurred when buying weapons for security sections, abductions, disappearances and murders.

The commissions were appointed by the President to suppress the opposition that erupted in the country regarding aforesaid matters. The people have no confidence in the commissions appointed say political analysts adding that inquiries by the commissions did not bring any results.

University land to Gota

It is reported that a girls’ hostel premises at Muttiah Road in Colombo 7 belonging to Colombo University is being surveyed to be taken over by the Urban Development Authority.