‘Abasaranang’ is democracy – Gnanasara Thera

When he said ‘aba saranang’ referring to shops at Beruwala and Althgama, what he meant was that the Sinhalese would very democratically reject buying goods from those shops and he never meant any attacks says the General Secretary of  Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS) Galaboda Aththe Gnanasara Thero.

He has said this to BBC ‘Sinhala Sandeshaya’ after several days of the communal riots that occurred at Aluthgama and Beruwala.

Audio: Bankrupt govt. creates canards against JVP– Vijitha Herath

The UPFA government that is fast moving towards bankruptcy is fabricating canards against the JVP says the Information Secretary of the JVP Vijitha Herath.

He said this when ‘Lankatruth’ asked him regarding the fabrications created by the presidential media unit to discredit the JVP.

The presidential media unit in an announcement stated today morning that a group of JVP activists joined the SLFP after meeting the President and last Sunday (15th) the ‘Silumina’ had as its front page lead a canard discrediting the Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka.

About the group that is said to have joined the SLFP today Mr. Herath said all of them are persons who were with Wimal Weerawansa’s NFF and said the attempt shows the bankruptcy of the government. The person who headed the group contested the Central PC election in 2009 from UPFA ticket he pointed out.

Stating that two people who had been removed from the JVP six years ago getting the SLFP membership from the President indicates how bankrupt the government is and the low level they have fallen into said Mr. Herath.

Fire destroys ‘No Limit’

A fire that broke out in ‘No Limit at Paanadura, one of the largest fashion and lifestyle stores in the area early morning today (21st) destroying the whole establishment.

Despite five units of fire brigade arrived at the scene the water in them was not sufficient to douse the fire.

Many rumours are going around regarding the cause of the fire. However, police say it may have been caused by an electric leakage.

The police have taken statements from four employees who had been inside the establishment when the fire broke out. The police Special Task Force (STF) has been deployed to the area.


Defense Secretary responsible for Beruwala riots – Hakeem

“Several organizations that have been created recently are responsible for the incidents. Everyone knows that the main organization involved in the incidents is the BBS. The Defense Secretary has connections with this organization,” says the Minister of Justice Rauff Hakeem.

In an interview he had with a weekend newspaper Minister Hakeem has said, “When the Defense Secretary was going to participate in a ceremony organized by the BBS in a temple in Galle I informed the President about it. We had several arguments when I talked about this with him. What BBS does is spreading hatred and anger towards minority communities that are not Buddhist. They carry on a programmes to destroy Muslims’ economy. The speech by Gnanasara Thero at Aluthgama promotes terrorism. Anyone can view this on the internet.

Security forces are reluctant to take any action regarding this. There is an obstruction that prevents heads of defense sections from carrying out the law. There is an invisible hand. This is how these monks could go anywhere and do anything without any hindrance. It is a puzzle for everybody. I need not say it directly. A ministry that is under the President is directly responsible for this. As the Minister of Justice I have apprised the President.”

Video: Hold aloft the banner of national unity –Anura Dissanayaka

Let’s hold high the banner of national unity against communalist tendencies states the Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka in a communiqué.

The communiqué to explain mudslinging by the government carried out concurrent with the prevailing situation in the country further states, “Today flames of communalism have engulfed our country. It is this situation that was displayed at Aluthgama and Beruwela. Don’t sow soya and expect gingelly. We get what we sow. During the past various kinds of communalisms were being spread in the country. Muslim, Tamil and Sinhalese communalisms were growing. None of the communal tendencies could take our country forward even by an inch. All what we should do is to hold the banner of national unity against all communalist tendencies.

Ours is a nation that has been battered by a 30 year unceasing war. Our Motherland and our Nation could be protected only by building national unity. We appeal to the masses not to get disturbed regarding any incident, not get involved in any communal conflict but to represent national unity. The government continues to campaign not to quell the situation but to kindle the flames of communalism. In many instances the government has abandoned the mediation it should have carried out. As a result our country has been confronted with the present tragic situation. Hence, we, again and again, emphasize to the masses in this country, not to be overpowered by any communalism. The government and certain individuals, who are under government protection and are greedy for government’s money and vehicles, have created a mudslinging campaign against our party and against me personally.

A canard that I had said ‘to retaliate if an attack is made’ is being published by government ministers, MPs and the state media. I totally reject this. Neither I nor anyone in the JVP has made such a statement. The hideous situation here is that the government, after creating horrendous situations and without mediating to prevent such situations, attempts to pass the burden to others through mudslinging campaigns.

The people have developed a huge trust on the JVP in the recent past. All Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim people in the country, without any difference, have started believing that their future and the future of this country depend on the JVP. There is a deceitful attempt to mar this belief. This is why statements that we had never made are being publicized stating we had made such statements. We specially ask Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim masses who believe in us not to be deceived by such mudslinging.

Furthermore, the government would not stop at this. The government knows that JVP has become its main challenge.

It is the JVP that reveals frauds and corruption committed by the government, government’s wrong economic policy is bared, the breaking down of the law and order is questioned and the JVP has become a strong voice against all anti-social moves of the government. As such, we have received information that the government is making an attempt to carry out bulks and bulks of slanders against the JVP. Don’t be deceived by any of this. We would never allow the trust you have in the JVP to be marred in any manner. We also ask everyone to strengthen your trust in our party.

A team of lawyers are taking measures to take legal action regarding mudslinging campaign of the government and various individuals who are connected with the government. However, we don’t believe that it could be solved legally. For, law in the country has become the wish of the ruler. I emphasize again. Don’t be deceived by slanders and canards. Strengthen your trust in the JVP. Hold aloft the banner of national unity!”