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Guterres to replace Ban

Portugal's former Prime Minister Antonio Guterres has been formally nominated by the United Nations Security Council to be the next U.N. secretary-general.

.Security Council President Vitaly Churkin, Russia's U.N. Ambassador said on Thursday that members approved a resolution by acclamation recommending Guterres for a 5-year term during a closed-door meeting.

The council's recommendation now goes to the General Assembly for formal approval, which is virtually certain. The 193-member world body is expected to vote on Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's successor next week. Ban's second 5-year term ends Dec. 31.

"Humility is what I feel about the huge challenges ahead of us, the terrible complexity of the modern world," Guterres said in a short statement in Lisbon, which he repeated in various languages.

"But it is also humility that is required to serve the most vulnerable, victims of conflicts, of terrorism, rights violations, poverty and injustices of this world," he said.

Ban Ki-moon, speaking during a visit to Rome, described Guterres as a "super choice" as his successor.

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